Westchester Corona Cases Infection Rate Dips to 5.7% from 6% in Last 7 Days. 573 New Covid-Infected a Day, 4,015 Total in a Week.

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County Executive George Latimer on the Covid Situation as of Monday afternoon Today 4:52

WPCNR CORONAVIRUS REPORT. From the NYS WorkBook Covid-19 Tracker. December 28, 2020 UPDATED 4 PM EST:

In the last 7 Days Sunday to Sunday, the number of persons in Westchester County testing positive for Coronavirus was 4015 (5.7%) of 71,189 tested From Sunday December 20 through Sunday, December 27.

Sunday Positives reported today as of 2 PM

The Infection Rate is a decrease from the 6% infection rate the county has been averaging the last 3 weeks.

For comparison purposes, last Tuesday December 22, 11, 368 Westchester persons were tested and 651 came back positive with the corona virus, an infection rate of 5.7%, as reported by the NYS Covid-19 Tracker website.

The Westchester infection rate as of last Tuesday was just below 6%. Since December 1, 13,340 Westchesterites had tested positive, a per day new Covid case average of 606 new Covid Positives a day.) The 556 average a day is an 8% decrease in the number of cases a day (606 compared to 556).

A reminder, The 3,587 new infections though mean that if those persons do not maintain strict quarantines, they could infect 2 more persons each or 3 or 4, continuing to spread the virus exponentially by double or triple those 3,587 persons through their families, friends or persons they come in contact with. They of all persons should wear a mask with others.

Another insight: If the Westchester hospitalization rate continues at 4% to 5%. this indicates that 160 to 200 of those 4,015 people could become hospitalized continuing to put pressure on the county hospitals were reported to have enough bed capacity to handle potential hospitalizations.

With a new positive rate of 556 new positives a day, this means that at a 4 to 5 % hospitalization rate, 27 people could be hospitalized within a 2 week period from just one day of 551 new positives. That would translate out of each day of 550 positives, 189 new hospitalizations within 15 days. If the positive rate continues at the 550 a day level, or worse increases in spread, the hospitals may find their capacities to care for covid patients dwindling. Controlling covid depends on stopping the spread of the disease.

County Executive George Latimer in his Covid Briefing today reported 392 hospitalizations, which he said were running between 4 to 5% of active cases. He also noted the number of deaths has been increasing the last 4 weeks in the county. He also said that at 2,500 hospital beds available in Westchester County for covid treatment he felt the present hospitalization rate was “manageable.”

In the Q. & A portion of the briefing Mr. Latimer said he advocated a more logical approach to restaurant restrictions on the City of Port Chester where restaurants are shut down because of Port Chester being a yellow zone and hoped restaurants with social distancing, mask enforcement and plexiglass between tables could be allowed to open, but said that was up to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

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