Mayor of White Plains Moves to Limit Incursions of 5G Relays in White Plains. Promises October 6 Enactment to Limit Proliforation.

Ruth Moss of 5GAlert Westchester reports White Plains progress on limiting the high intensity radiation of 5G transmission spread in residential neighborhoods, near schools, and residences.

WPCNR COMMON COUNCIL CHRONICLE EXAMINER. Special to WPCNR From 5GAlertWestchester. September 21, 2020:

Ruth Moss of 5GAlert Westchester announced today that White Plains Mayor Tom Roach and the Common Council are continuing to work on amending the White Plains telecommunications ordinance to make it more protective. Ms. Moss in a news release writes:

“The Mayor has now promised┬áthat the work session between White Plains attorneys and the 3-person 5GAlert Westchester oversight committee is to take place shortly and the results enacted into law on October 6. I hope there will not be another delay.

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