Sweet Taste of Autumn for 40 Years is Back! Thompson’s Cider Mill Opens Today on a Perfect Autumn Day at Two Locations, says Westchester County’s “Geoff Appleseed”


The bees came back and did their job this spring, the apple blossoms held off coming out until after the frosty spring, and has created the sweet taste of autumn, a tradition in the Hudson Valley for 40 years. This is Thompson Cider Mill’s 44th year.

Geoff Thompson proprietor and Cider Master at Thompson’s Cider Mill opened his autumn tradition today at 335 Blinn Road, off Spring Valley Road, a short right, (just off route 134 West Exit 11 off the Taconic Parkway North (Exit 13 A, Southbound) of serving up fresh blends of his best apples today and every weekend Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. Thompson opened today at noon with lines of hard cider fans lining up 335 Blinn Road location(above), and similar cider enthusiasts just a short way down at 1311 on Route 134 (Kitchener Road)

Mr, Thompson, holds up a bottle of his popular hard cider, at the Blinn Road location joined by Yorktown Town Supervisor, Matt Slater, right

To accommodate social distancing at his cozy and quaint cider mill, he has the sweet cider available only at a second location to assure social distancing at Fable: From Farm to Table, 1311 Kitchener Road, Ossining NY, where fresh pressed cider was sold.

By 2;30 Saturday after young ladies at the Fable Farm said they had already had to have 2 resupply runs on the first Thompson sweet cider of the season.

Despite the hottest summer on record in the Hudson Valley Mr. Thompson reports the apples are smaller and juicier and tastier making for the usual unique, savory, refreshing cider blends that has made Thompson’s Cider Mill an autumn tradition. (Be sure and wear a mask)

Thompson told WPCNR the cold March hurt the peach harvest, but the apples are smaller and juicier, making cider perfect, tangy, mellow, refreshing. And you get to sample before you buy.

You can find out more at the Thompson’s Cider Mill Facebook Page. The telephone is 271-2254. Tell them the CitizeNetReporter sent you!

Mr. Thompson who considers himself first and foremost a cider craftsman who creates a different cider blend every week, is known in his day job as the deft Maestro of All Media in these parts as founder of the advertising agency, Thompson & Bender with Dean Bender and Liz Thompson.

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