Element 46 Entrepreneuers Wanted

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WPCNR COUNTY CLARION-LEDGER. From Catherine Parker, Janusary 7, 2018:
The Westchester County Office of Economic Development is seeking applications for the next group of budding entrepreneurs for the County’s Element 46 incubator program.

Element 46 incubator provides training, mentoring and free workspace, to enable startups to develop their businesses within a network of peers. Entrepreneurs are embedded in an existing start-up community within Westchester.

The deadline for the latest round of applications is this Friday, January 10. To apply, visit https://www.element46.org/apply.

The next set of entrepreneurs, who will start in March 2020, will take part in a 6-month program.

The program is also seeking mentors and professional service providers. The mentors will assist the startups chosen for the program by offering their expertise, time and support. Mentors are hand-picked leaders with specializations in technology, finance, business strategy, venture capital, marketing or other areas. Mentors wishing to apply can do so at https://www.element46.org/mentors/.

The first group of 12 startups included: Michael Sellers of Journeyman Bakery; Orane Barrett of Kool Nerd Club; Marci Lobel-Esrig of SilverBills; John Bekisz of UASVues; Susanne Shoemaker of Undercare; Jack Martin of JackKnife Sharpening; Lisa Albanese of BioSand Bag Filter; Terence Finn of Velotooler; Alexander Davidas of DF Media; Beth Turner and Katie McCorry of Beyond Flowers and Food; Courtney Stanley of Tobu, and Chris Oates of Blue Yonder Brands, Inc.

To learn more about the Element 46 program, please visit the website at Element4

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