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WPCNR CYBER DETECTIVE. From Aaron Wordin, PC Ventures. January 6, 2018:

Editor’s Note: Aaron Wordin a frequent commentator on People To Be Heard, seen above on  the WPCNR WPTV interview program, forwards this computer scam alert today:

Throughout the day, I’ve received four automated/”robo” calls from a voice purporting to be from Apple support, claiming that my iCloud account was compromised.
The number is 212-336-1440.
This is NOT Apple Support calling, this is an out-and-out scam to harvest your personal/credit card information.
Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc will NEVER call you unless you’ve scheduled a callback from their legitimate tech support department.
If you’re ever in doubt about how to get in touch with any company’s Tech Support, check out this web – not only does the real number come up, but there are often shortcuts posted to help you navigate the queue and get live human assistance more quickly.

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