TRUMPLON: The Miracle Substance that Makes Them Forgive You, Believe You, No Matter What You Say or Do

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WPCNR NEWS & COMMENT.  President Trump Mid-Term ReviewBy John F. Bailey. July 29, 2018:

Perhaps  no president has dominated the nation as Donald Trump has.

Trump performance and his  chilling growth in popularity was analyzed by White Plains’  Frank Bruni who explained why Mr. Trump holds on to his support while confounding his critics. Bruni wrote in The New York Times last week:

“the volume and velocity of his offenses turn them into a blur, just as the alarms we in the media sound become white noise. This was true during his (Trump’s)  campaign. It’s even truer of his presidency, and it’s one of the most unjust, infuriating aspects of his endurance. His shamelessness is actually his saving grace.”

It’s the John Wayne affect. “The Man with No Name” effect:  tough guy attitude. The Bogey toughness.

Americans  like toughness and that is Trump’s great appeal to all those driftin’ cowboys out there.

The key to Mr. Trump’s business success was to make promises to banks and organizations he was dealing with.  When things weren’t working out, he’d say there’s no way i can do that, and with the banks and organizations and individuals on the hook for money big time, — they, rather then take an asset loss on their balance sheets, carried him. Trump is doing that now, getting his way with the world.

That’s  how bullies win. They threaten. Let them intimidate you to save face, the tough guy wins.

This week was “Walk on. Walk off. Walk Back Week at the White House, soon to be known as Trump House.

Mr. Trump rejected criticism that he committed treason in praising Russia by rejecting the findings by the FBI and intelligence officials that Russia had interfered in the elections. He said he would meet with Vlad the Impaler in Washington, then on Thursday the White House said that meeting won’t take place until “the witchhunt is over.”

He imposed tariffs on China hurting the american soybean market then gave a $12 billion bailout to farmers who might be hurt. (I hope that does not go to corporate-owned farms.) He embarrassed England’s Teresa May for failing to go through with Brixit then agreed to discuss with the European Union suggestions for tariff compromise.

Are you, beginning after 19 months, to see a pattern here in Trumpism?

So it goes. Day in day out.  Outrage tempered and glossed over by an “aw shucks i did not mean it,” and the offense is groped over and we all breathe a sigh of relief. He plays us. He is not stupid. He is Machiavellian.

Criticism of the president slides off him. He is made of something better than teflon it’s “Trumplon.”

As the president’s approval rating by Republican voters  and feckless Republican congressional members grows, and Trump’s  candidates continue to win in red states—the equally feckless democratic party is nowhere.

Democratic “leaders” keep flailing into the Trump Tarbaby and getting stuck. 

They look glassy eyed when trying to give reactions to the twist and turns, walk-outs, walk-backs and switcheroos of the Trumpster-In-Chief.

With three months to go before mid-terms, Democrats have failed to devise a dynamic message going into the midterms.

So late to the ball.

Where are the he-men democrats?

This lack of creativity ability to understand the Trump power to persuade and bring out the worst in people or feed the evil that lurks in Americans through his stream of demagoguery in 18 months has brought America to the brink of a dictatorship, strongman leadership.

It’s weighted to the rich, amoral industrialists who’d rather betray their country to bolster their stock prices, corrupt financiers and investment firms with constitution rights trampled by a feckless Supreme Court who will rule with the powerful every time.

There are no Judge Learned Hands today.

What is demagoguery? A demagogue and  demagoguery is defined as:

The central feature of the practice of demagoguery is persuasion by means of passion, shutting down reasoned deliberation and consideration of alternatives. Demagogues “pander to passion, prejudice, bigotry, and ignorance, rather than reason.” 

Do we recognize such a person like this today? Quick, anybody?

Mr. Trump is right in a league with Adolf Hitler  and Leni Riefenstahl  media mistress of the Hitler regime.

Mr. Trump just has more tools: Twitter, Fox News, his White House propaganda website, reporters underestimating him.

His success with his base, means that the midterms are not going to be pretty.

The Midterms are only 3 months away and the Democrats have nothing. No message. No hope. No candidates!

Only Democratic women are standing up and trying to turn the tide of Trumpism — Powered by Trumplon!

They have sadly, no Trumplonyte!

Because Trump has a plan and the Democrats don’t.

His plan is to take away the freedoms, the protection of the law and the courts  that once made America great .

He wants to make the powerful comfortable and the afflicted powerless, the poor poorer and the people who are not white out of the country.  His tactic: create enemies of the people and blame them for your unhappiness and failure to succeed.

He’s done a sobering, frightening job in 18 months. He’s going after first the press. Then congress then the courts, then your rights, then the military. That’s his plan.

This week, Kaitlin Collins of CNN acting as a pool reporter at a White House photo OP asked him four questions. They were not great or smart questions and would have been easy to answer with one word or two. He refused to answer them then had White House press officials prevent her from attending an open press meet and greet.

He would never have thrown a male reporter out. He threw her out because she was a woman.

Did the reporters, her colleagues  support her by not covering the meet and greet. Did the rest walk out?

It is a mystery to me why so many women support a man who oppresses women, embarrasses them, and supports mysogynists and enablers of sexual assault in his administration.

This substance “trumplon” and trumpism is the right stuff apparently. Perhaps all political leaders have it.

Because Americans seem to be suckers for it. This time, the country we know may never come back the way it was.

Democrats. Republicans. Pay attention.Do not be afraid. Take a stand.

Don’t just fundraise.

Go out and work.




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