Dealing with Real Coyotes (Not the Human Kind): Feiner’s Coyote Forum Video Presents Coyote Experts’ Wisdom on the Secret Coyote Community Among Us

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All-Business Coyote. File Photo, White Plains Week

To see the Coyote Video of the Paul Feiner Coyote Symposium Click this link:

WPCNR THE FEINER REPORT. From Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner. April 27, 2018:

Last night the Greenburgh Town Board heard a very interesting presentation on coyotes. We heard from Kevin Clarke, wildlife biologist for the NYS DEC, Frank Vincenti of the Wild dog foundation and  Greenburgh Police Chief Chris McNerney.

Many residents have seen coyotes around town. The presentation  (link below) will provide you with tips -what to do if you are approached by a coyote.  How you can protect your pets from coyotes.

Earlier this year a rabid coyote attacked residents in Hastings and at a condo near the village of Hastings. The rabid coyote was captured in Yonkers and there have been no other incidents. It’s unusual for a coyote (unless sick) to attack human beings.

I hope that you will find this video to be of interest.  There’s a lot of great and useful information in the link.  When I receive future calls, e mails about coyotes I will refer them to this link and will share the video with other officials who have similar concerns.

Here it is:


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