Greenburgh Cable Television Interviews Holocaust Survivor.

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WPCNR The Feiner Report. From Greenburgh Town Supervisio Paul Feiner. April 11, 2018:

Tomorrow is Yom Hashoah—Holocaust Day of Remembrance to remember of the victims of the Holocaust.  We must never forget the stories of the victims of the Holocaust. And must try harder to avoid repeating the horrors that took place during the years the Nazi’s were in power.

In recognition of Yom Hashoah  our cable TV access channels will air 4 interviews with holocaust survivors.

We just produced a fascinating interview with Kurt Rothschild, a resident of Ardsley—a great story of a young boy fleeing from Nazi Germany, and returning to liberate Europe with the US Army.  Kurt lost his mother, father, sister, and many relatives to the Nazi horror.

On a good note Hannah & Kurt will be married 70 years this May. A great love story and an enduring one What a positive story. You can watch the interview with Hugh McAuley  on your computer by  clicking on to the following link:

And Kurt Rothschild

Other interviews that we feature on Yom Hashoah can be viewed below:

Holocaust Program link, features three different interviews:
The Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center and the Westchester Jewish Council are proud to present the Annual Westchester Countywide Yom Hashoah Holocaust Commemoration this Thursday, April 12th from 12noon – 1pm at the Garden of Remembrance in White Plains, 148 Martine Avenue

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