53,000 Westchester County Residents Continue Suffering without Power or Heat as More Outages Are Reported Hourly.

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WPCNR THE POWER STORY. By John F. Bailey. March 4, 2018 2:30 PM:

Con Edison is promising on their Storm Center website that all power will be restored across Westchester County by noon Tuesday. As of noon with restoration efforts beginning this morning, Con Edison still reports 4, 001 Outages in Westchester County and the 5 boroughs of New York City. They have restored power to 15,003 Customers (meaning one power meter per customer, with the possibility  as several hundred to a meter.) Power is still off for 57,593 customers  in the Westchester and NYC boroughs.

At  2:15 PM, a spokesperson for Con Edison, told WPCNR 53,000 Westchester Customers remain to be restored to power, down from 72,000 yesterday and 62,000 earlier today.

The increase in Customers without power in the Westchester towns listed below may be because of switching operations. She said the customers out of power  in Westchester numbers are going down, not up.

However watching the Outage numbers and the Customers Out Numbers changing on the Con Edison Storm may, it appears the number of outages are outdistancing the restorations at a troubling pace.

The power outages appear  more than they were yesterday. The upper reaches of the county, Peekskill, Ossining, Shrub Oak, Cortland are rife with power outages. The South Shore of the Ryes, the Mamaroneck-Larchmont  area and Mount Vernon have grown in outages, apparently now being reported or discovered.

Mamaroneck Larchmont has the most Customers without power, 5,351; Chapaqua has 2,865 powerless Customers; Thornwood, 2,987;  Mount Vernon east and west of the Bronx River Parkway, 1,808; Peekskill, yesterday’s most devasted power grid is up 1,000 customers without power to 3,069: The Rye, Rye Brook area has 2,906 Customers without power.  Hartsdale 2.906.

In White Plains, as of noon, Sunday, recovery has been partially achieved, there are 85 outages with 118 customers (one meter per customer) out of service. The numbers continue to fluctuate up and down as more outages are discovered and some are restored, it should be noted in the following towns and villages

The outages elsewhere in the County

Hartsdale: 28 Outages, 361 Customers Affected:

Greenville: 31 Outages, 193 Customers Without Power

Eastchester Area: 93 Outages, 1,599 Customers No Power

Mamaroneck/Larchmont Area: 157 Outages, 5,351 Customers Powerless

Hartsdale 74 Outages, 1,690 Customers No power.

Rye/Rye Brook Area: 54 Outages, 2,906 Customers No Power

Port Chester : 18 Outages, 1,163 Customers No Service

Pelham/Pelham Manor: 70 Outages, 765 Customers Power Out

Mount Vernon Area East/West of Bronx River Parkway: 85 Outages 1,808 Customers Affected

Hastings-On-Hudson:  33 Outages, 411 Customers No Service

Dobbs Ferry: 26 Outages, 307 Customers Affected

Elmsford-Fairview Area: 33 Outages, 1,238 Customers No Power

Thornwood: 87 Outages, 2,987 Customers Powerless

Pleasantville:  46 Outages, 538 Customers out

Ossining: 78 Outages, 1,767 Customers No Power

Chapaqua Area: 246 Outages, 2,865 Out

Mt Kisco/Bedford Area: 117 Outages, 1,728 Out

Peekskill/Crompond Area: 160 Outages, 3,069 Customers Affected

Shrub Oak: 81 Outages, 2,607 Customers Out

Mohegan Lake: 19 Outages, 168 Customers Power Out

Cortland: 60 Outages, 2,026 Customers No Power

Armonk: 75 Outages 1,539 Outages, Powerless


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