Town by Key Town — The No Power Report as of 2 PM SATURDAY

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WPCNR THE POWER REPORT. Created From the Con Edison Storm Center Map by WPCNR. March 3, 2018:

Con Edison has made progress in restoring power around the hard hit central Westchester area. Peekskill is by far the most affected area with over 2,000 customers out of power, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Harrison, Rye, Larchmont and Mamaroneck, Elmsford, Valhalla approach 1,000 or over in customers out of power.

Here are the figures for the most hard hit towns as of 2 PM. Restoration will begin bigtime on Sunday according to a Con Edison briefing to officials that ended a short while ago. You can read Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner’s synopsis of  the Con Edison briefing to officials  in the story following this listing below.

Note a “customer” represents one meter, so the number of persons affected receiving power off one meter could be substantially more than the “Customer” number.

White Plains: Numbers of outages cut in have by mid-afternoon, as of 2 PM– 26 Outages, 355 customers affected.

Harrison: 68 Outages, 1,874 Customers powerless

Rye: 43 Outages, 1,264 Customers out

Larchmont: 76 Outages, 3,366 Out

Mamaroneck: 29 Outages, 960 Out

Scarsdale: 61 Outages, 706 Customers Out

Elmsford: 35 Outages, 1,024 Customers Without Power

Valhalla:  21 Outages, 920 Powerless

New Rochelle: 45 Outages, 1,796 Without Power

Pelham: 71 Outages, 748 Customers Out

Mount Vernon: 60 Outages,  1,500 Customers Powerless

Bronxville: 59 Outages, 800  Customers No Power

Mt. Pleasant: 25 Outages,  1,417 Powerless

Chappaqua: 28 Outages, 641 Out

Croton-on-Harmon: 43 Outages, 641 Out

Mohegan Lake: 47 Outages, 1,526 Customers Powerless

Peekskill area: 59 Outages, 2,133 Customers without power

“Customer,” as defined by Con Edison is 1 Meter, meaning there may be more than one person represented by one meter.





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