Heating Problems Main Cause of Winter Fires, Chief Lyman Observes. COLD WAVE COMPLICATES FIGHTING FIRES

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White Plains Fire Chief, Richard Lyman provided details on the Sunday fire at 16-18 Park Avenue (shown as it looked today at noon), that took White Plains firefighters five hours to bring under control. Chief Lyman issued this statement:

“The fire at 16-18 Park Avenue is still under investigation to determine the cause. The fire was called in at 12:10 pm and was called under control at 5:30 pm.
“Cold weather complicates fighting a fire making it more difficult to extinguish. Water used to put the fire out freezes on the ground, ladders, roofs, firefighters and other surfaces creating a tough work environment.
“Hoselines and fire nozzles can freeze rendering the lines inoperable. Low temperatures and wind chill can cause hyperthermia and frostbite. Despite the difficult work environment the crews did a fantastic job under the circumstances.
Attached are two fact sheets from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regarding home heating fires and Fire Overview in the US.
Home heating fires are the second leading cause of fires in the US.
Cooking is the number one cause annually.
However during the months of December, January and February heating is the leading cause of fires.
Charts from the National Fire Protection Association


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