League of Women Voters, CNA denied Video and Recording of “Candidates Forum” Last Week

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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. September 10, 2017:

(Editor’s Advisory: The following letter was sent to WPCNR by Barry Caro, Mayor Tom Roach’s Campaign Manager, on the issue of the press being forbidden from recording or video taping the “Candidates Forum” held by the League of Women Voters and the Council of Neighborhood Associations last Thursday night. Persons attending with I-Phones however were able to stream it on Facebook live. The ban on photography, video recording and recording was not announced prior to the event to this reporter’s knowledge. White Plains Week  on Friday night (See it on YouTube at this link  https://youtu.be/ilh42gfyWT4 )reported on the banning of any kind of recording of the Forum that was posted on the desk prior to entry to the auditorium at Rochambeau School where the forum was held. In previous years the Candidates Forums usually held in the public library have received video and recorded coverage with no restrictions of any kind. This is the first time WPCNR remembers that a Candidates Forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the Council of Neighborhood Associations was not televised for the community.)

September 9, 2017
Hi, John and Pat,
Just want to make sure we prepped you for something in case it comes up, about the debate on Thursday.
The LWV and CNA made the call not to videotape the debate, and their ground rules prohibit anyone else from filming it. All four of our candidates would have preferred for it to be taped and then broadcast. The City had in fact begun preparations for it to be taped before the League told the city no and emailed to cancel the scheduled taping.
Our candidates all accepted the proposed ground rules as proposed by the LWV and CNA without requesting any changes to my knowledge – other than to include closing statements, which the League said no to.
One of those last minute things that always pops up, so I wanted to be proactive about making sure I told press about this before it became anything.
Barry Caro
(Campaign Manager for Mayor Tom Roach)

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