Comment on FASNY Situation After NY Post Article:What the Neighborhood Wants on the Former Ridgeway Property

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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. September 7, 2017:
Dear Mayor and Common Council:
In case you missed the September 4th NY Post article titled “Mariano Rivera join’s fight against ritzy prep school’s sprawling construction” . . .here’s the link:                                                                                                                 
Of interest the FASNY people still specialize in factual inaccuracies. . .such as ” the pre-K-through-grade-12 institution cut its number of students from 1,200 to 650 in an effort to appease the opposition”.  The truth is that FASNY has not made any “permanent cuts”. . .all it did was submit an “incomplete” plan for only Parcel A and its Upper School. . .leaving out Parcels B, C & D and FASNY’s Lower and Nursery Schools.
And how would FASNY know if nearby residents “want a free back yard and want to keep it that way”. . .if no one from FASNY over the past 6 years ever asked what residents like ourselves want in the first place
Unfortunately FASNY showed up in WP with the bad habit, like some of our elected officials, of telling residents what’s good for them. . .before ever asking residents in the first place.
Personally we would like to see a development on the old golf course property that. . .fits in with the WP Comprehensive Plan, the Character of the Neighborhood, the property’s current R1-30 residential zoning and follows NYS and WP Land Use Laws. . .where the property is well-maintained and respected similar to the surrounding tax-paying private residences. . .without bringing FASNY’s well-documented excessive Traffic Safety Issues, 10-year Construction, Flooding Problems and the massive loss of Open Space by building on 50+ acres.
FASNY’s current sub-standard maintenance, including their inability to remove algae from their 2 ponds, and a demonstrated lack of interest in acting like good neighbors says it all about how well FASNY will fit into White Plains. . .particularly when as a non-profit they are not contributing any tax revenues to help pay for City Services.
By the way. . .when can we expect a final FASNY vote?
Marie and Ron Rhodes

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