No White Plume of Smoke from the County Center! County Democrat Convention Fails to Count Votes for County Executive. Tally Expected Friday

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WPCNR CAMPAIGN 2017. By John F. Bailey. May 11, 2017:

A delegate to the Westchester Democratic Party Nominating Convention at the County Center Wednesday night blamed a disorganized procedure for counting votes for several court nominations Wednesday evening for a convention that failed to nominate a candidate for County Executive.

He said “I was very disappointed in the way the convention was run. There were delays in counting the votes using laptops.

When the two County Executive candidates were nominated (County Legislator Ken Jenkins and State Senator George Latimer) the applause in the hall was overwhelming for Mr. Latimer compared to the reaction when Mr. Jenkins was nominated. I expect he will be the nominee.”

Our delegate continued describing Mr. Jenkins nominating speech as centered on his intent to run a primary against his contender for the nomination if he lost the nomination to Mr. Latimer.

The delegate described Mr. Latimer’s speech as respectful of Mr. Jenkins, and based on “values.” He said Latimer raised the theme that County Executive Robert Astorino had not governed with the values that county government mission was to help the poor, the sick, and persons who needed help.




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