Nonfiction Collection returns to the Library.

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WPCNR MAIN STREET JOURNAL. From the White Plains Library.May 1, 2017: 
If you’re a library user, then you’ve seen some of the upheavals going on here at 100 Martine: walls going up, walls going down, collections—and staff members!—being relocated. We know it’s been a trial, and we thank you for your patience.

But while renovating without moving to a different location creates headaches for all of us, it also saves funds—funds we have been able to invest into the Hub, our adult library on the first floor.

The good news is that last week we got the non-fiction collection back, as we reopened the central core of the first floor.

What’s different? Well if you look up, you’ll see new lighting and a new ceiling. Hiding behind these are miles of brand new (and leak proof) pipes—not sexy, but necessary when you’re housing over 300,000 books.

There are beautiful new, grand tables for writing the Great American Novel or studying for the LSATs; new furnishings in the study rooms; plenty of outlets; and amped up WiFi. The new books are back in their rightful place spread face out at the entrance to the Hub.

Over the next few weeks look for the arrival of comfortable seating as well as signage to help you navigate the floor. But where’s the café? Hang in there. We hope to be serving lattes, cappuccinos, or a cup of good old Joe by early fall.

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