Senator Latimer Announces He is Running for Westchester County Executive

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WPCNR COUNTY CLARION-LEDGER. From the Office of State Senator George Latimer. April 3, 2017:
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 George Latimer. New York State Senator, District 37
“Stan and Loretta Latimer, my parents, loved Westchester. They loved their home on Mount Vernon’s Southside, our boundless opportunities, and the diversity of our towns, villages and cities. For them, it was the American dream. That is the Westchester I was born in, and raised my family in, and as Westchester County Executive I will work every day to make it the Westchester of our children and our children’s children,” said State Senator George Latimer in declaring his candidacy for Westchester County Executive.
In announcing his candidacy today, Latimer, a Democrat, explained that his 30 years in public service and 20 year career as a business executive gave him the right experience to bring back the fiscal strength and common sense leadership Westchester needs.
“What happened to Westchester? That’s the question we need to answer,” said Latimer in declaring his intent to run for County Executive.  “We have so much skill and talent in our county, so many hard-working people and so many families hoping for a better tomorrow.  But we’ve been saddled with long-term fiscal problems from short-sighted, ideological decision-making that has mortgaged our future.  We need leaders who are willing to do the hard work and make the tough choices to right this ship.”
 “Nobody outworks me, and I will work every day for the people of Westchester, as I have done throughout my 30 years in public service, to get our county back on track,” he added.
“Westchester is a large, complex county that cannot be, and has not been, well managed by someone who spent five years running for Governor, thought about taking a job with his longtime ally Donald Trump in Washington, and now intends to run for Governor again.  While the current County Executive is auditioning for his next role, his fiscal approach is turning the County’s budget into a flimsy house of cards. We need a County Executive who seeks a better Westchester, not a way out of Westchester.”
Latimer said that his campaign will focus on issues that are currently lagging: fiscal soundness, infrastructure, environmental protection, fair taxation, long-term planning and fighting opioid addiction.
“My opponent is a very skilled politician; I’m just a guy from Westchester who knows that we need hard work, practical solutions and an end to personal politics to make Westchester an even better place to live and work,” Latimer said.


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