Waiting for Veto: Law Banning Gun Shows Veto By Friday. Compromise Bill Expected to be Passed Next Tuesday. No Override Attempt Expected

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Westchester County Legislator John Testa, District 1 Gives Update on the Compromise Bill Expected after the anticipated Gun Show Ban Veto.


WPCNR COUNTY CLARION-LEDGER. By John F. Bailey. Interview with County Legislator John Testa January 17, 2017.

County Legislator John Testa of Westchester District 1 (Yorktown, Cortlandt and Peekskill), speaking to WPCNR Tuesday afternoon confirmed that Robert P. Astorino is expected to veto the law passed one week ago,  banning the staging of gun shows on Westchester County owned property. The County Center where the show that caused Democrats on the legislature to pass the ban, is county-owned.

Testa said County Executive Astorino will veto the law Friday (or before–Friday is  the 10th day after the bill was passed)  and this weekend’s  show will go on.

Testa said he expected no attempt by the Legislature to override  the veto. “They don’t have the votes”, he said. The law banning shows on county property passed 9 to 8, with 9 Democrats voting to ban, and 7 Republicans and 1 Conservative voting against it. The Democrats would have to acquire three Republicans to override, which Testa does not see happening.

Instead, Testa said, the Compromise Bill (Chapter 432-Gun Show Procedures) Republicans presented last week, will be taken up next Tuesday evening with public hearing and a possible vote.

Testa agreed with law enforcement sources speaking to WPCNR last week who confirmed to WPCNR the “reforms”  the Compromise Bill proposes are already on the state books and in use.”

“All of them (regulations and restrictions on background checks, procedures) are now in use by the County Police and in place,” Testa said.  “The new law makes the state rules applicable to private gun shows within Westchester County held not on County-owned property.” Testa said he was not expecting any additions to the Compromise Bill.

In a related interview on gun show procedures, two fire arms experts who travel to gun shows throughout the state said the procedures the county proposes for the “private” shows in the county are already observed in shows held on private property not only in the County, but across the state.

That interview  will be telecast Thursday evening on White Plains Television’s PEOPLE TO BE HEARD, White Plains Carl Albanese and Ben Rosenshine, both Federal Firearms Instructors, (Mr.Rosenshine  is also a NYS dealer in firearms and owns Blue Line Tactical Supply & Shooting Sports in Elmsford)who travel to gun shows all over New York State, told WPCNR that the procedures in the Compromise Bill are required at every gun show across the state and have been in place for years. You can see that Albanese-Rosenshine interview on YOUTUBE at https://youtu.be/8-Qo_bFLekE or on the White Plains Week website at http://www.whiteplainsweek.com


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