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WPCNR PLAYLAND GO ROUND. December 19, 2016:

Standard Amusements, WPCNR has learned, informed Westchester County early this fall that it would not pay for renovations and repairs to the Playland pool, which Standard had envisioned as becoming a public restaurant/catering facility due to the deteriorated condition of the pool. Standard said the County would have to pay for repairs and improvements to the pool if the county wanted to keep the pool.

David Gelfarb, Chair of the County Legislators Labor, Parks, Housing and Planning Committee, asked by WPCNR if Standard Amusements had dropped out of its 15 year agreement to run Playland and fund $30 Million of improvements, since Gelfarb’s Committee had allocated $10 Million in Playland Pool improvements, Gelfarb issued this statement to WPCNR:

“Standard Amusements has not pulled out of the deal. In essence, they have not taken a strong position on the pool, because their position is that if the County wants to fix/repair/enhance it, the County has to pay for it. Things have been disrupted by the City of Rye lawsuit, we’ll have to see how the Courts handle it. “

Asked where the lawsuit now stands, Gelfarb issued this statement to WPCNR; 

” It is before the Judge and I believe everyone is waiting for a decision.”

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