LEGAL ABORTION Coalition Charges Early August 9: Special Election for Spreckman Seat on Legislature Designed to Suppress Turnout

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WPCNR CAMPAIGN 2016. Special to WPCNR from the Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion. August 4:


There’s a Special Election on Tuesday August 9th to elect the Westchester County Board of Legislator for the 14th District, representing South East Yonkers and Mount Vernon. 
This election can help turn the Westchester legislature back into a pro-woman, pro-family, pro-safe-access-to-women’s-healthcare county government.

Westchester County Board Chairman Kaplowitz and anti-choice legislators Maisano, Marcotte, Gelfarb, Testa, Corcoran, Cunzio, Burrows and Perez – with the support of County Executive Astorino – voted to schedule the Special Election on August 9th instead of on Primary Day, Tuesday, September 13theven though it will cost Westchester taxpayers $100,000 in additional tax dollars.

Why? Because they hope you won’t vote. Primary Day would have produced a bigger voter turnout because of elections being held in Mount Vernon – and those legislators don’t like that. They want their handpicked anti-choice Party boy, who will vote in lockstep with them, to represent the 14th district.

Their motivation for holding this Special Election in the middle of the summer is to suppress voter turnout. THIS IS VOTER SUPPRESSION RIGHT HERE IN WESTCHESTER — AND THEY ARE USING OUR TAX DOLLARS TO DO IT!

Show those anti-choice anti-woman extremists that you won’t be manipulated. It is your constitutional right to vote and you won’t let them take it from you.

Christine Peters is a young, passionate, qualified social worker and working mother. She will be a great advocate for Westchester’s women and families.


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