White Plains Police Arrest Two in Midst of Auto Break-In on Coralyn Ave.

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WPCNR POLICE GAZETTE. From the “NextDoor” Network. January 9, 2016:

The “Nextdoor Network” a neighborhood “grapevine” service reports that after Public Safety Commissioner David Chong advised neighborhood associations of an”uptick” in breakins of unlocked vehicles lately — Two persons driving a 2014 Lexus were caught by police in the act of a just such a break-in Friday.

The neighborhood report from an eyewitness advised fellow neighbors:

”┬áLast night some cars, including mine, was broken into on Coralyn Ave. The White Plains PD have arrested the subjects. They were driving a 2014 Lexus SUV and hit our area and some areas of Scarsdale. The PD told me that they were only stealing from cars that were unlocked. Lock your cars.”

WPCNR is checking with the police for details.

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