Activist: Fly the MIA/POW Flag Again in Renaissance Square

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Dear Nadine Hunt-Robinson (Common Council Member)
I bring to your attention an issue that I would like you to personally take an action on. Immediately resolve in the City of White Plains. Respecting and honoring our nations POW/MIA fallen veterans and acknowledge their sacrifices to our county and freedoms.
September 18th Friday 2015 is National POW/MIA Recognition Day across America. In which America in every city municipality in our nation proudly flies the POW/MIA flag honoring our fallen POW/MIA veterans. Veterans “Missing In Action and our Prisoners of War”.
Unfortunately with the exception in the City of White Plains at Renaissance Plaza fountain for nearly a year the American flag and the POW/MIA flags have been removed from the city flagpole. I have exhausted my attempt to reach out to Mayor Roach and all other city council members to address this inexcusable disgrace bring awareness to it correct it.  My attempts have fallen on deaf ears and eyes for almost a year now with the city council.
Mayor Roach stated back in March 2015 the flagpole lines would be restored and the American flag and POW/MIA flag would be flying again. Please let me know what it will take to immediately repair the flagpole lines at Renaissance Plaza.
Surly this expense is minimal and if the city is short on public veteran funds I assure you I can raise the necessary funds within our veterans and neighborhood communities in one month.  In addition, I can provide the city council with an estimate or contractor to move on this issue ASAP.
I request by September 18th Friday that our nations American flag and the POW/MIA flag once again be flying in honor and recognition of National POW/MIA day at Renaissance Plaza.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Carl Albanese,
White Plains

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