Are You Ready for Some Real Football? White Plains’ Chuck Mercein Remembers “The Ice Bowl” Tonight on BEYOND THE GAME 10 AM FIOS CH. 45, CABLEVISION CH. 76 IN WP

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Tonight on FIOS CHANNEL 45 THROUGH WESTCHESTER COUNTY, and on CABLEVISION CHANNEL 76 IN WHITE PLAINS, John Vorperian of White Plains TV interviews Chuck Mercein, lifelong White Plains resident and veteran New York Giant and Green Bay Packer, who planed in the famous ICE BOWL–THE 1966 NFL CHAMPIONSHIP IN SUB ZERO TEMPERATURES…

Meet Chuck who has been a lifelong resident of White Plains. There he is below (Number 30)…carrying the ball against the Green Bay Packers in “The Ice Bowl.” Tune in and remember! The program is on at 10 PM TONIGHT AND 9 PM FRIDAY NIGHT.


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