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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. Forwarded for publication. August 5, 2015:

Hon. Mayor Roach and Hon. Common Council Members:

On the eve of your final vote respecting the proposed FASNY project I am writing to reiterate what I know you’ve heard before from your constituents and what I believe is plain: FASNY is a very bad deal for the taxpayers of White Plains.
Besides that the proposed school will not benefit the vast majority of the children of White Plains; besides that FASNY will alter Hathaway Lane for its own convenience and at the peril of the already fragile ecosystem of the area; besides that the taxpayer funded resources of White Plains will be drained by an entity that will not contribute a dime to the tax base of White Plains (that will be another tax burden absorbed by the citizen of White Plains – and our taxes are high enough as it is); besides that property values in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the city will plummet (and diversity means economic diversity, too, in a city that I’ve been proud to live in for 20 years precisely because of its diversity; is it wise to disenfranchise such a large, active and community oriented constituency?  What would that leave in the city, should they all just sell? Yonkers comes to mind.); besides all these disruptions to traffic, community, taxes and common sense, and of highest import,
The White Plains Board of Education has made that very plain to you. Right now, there is construction on North Street, and it is frightening for the parents dropping children off at the YWCA, and for the workers there and at the White Plains High School, in terms of walking, crossing, and driving on North Street – and this is a minor project.  Please imagine what North Street will be like if you approve the FASNY project.  Children cross North Street unsafely NOW, at the front- and back-end of the school day, and throughout the middle of the school day to eat at Hazel’s at the YWCA.  That’s not going to change, as teenagers will always feel invincible.  What will change is the level of danger to them due to the exponentially increased traffic, construction, buses, and parents rushing to discharge and pick-up students. The school board has considered the effect of the FASNY project thoroughly and very reasonably, and has definitively come down on the side of common sense and safety for the children of White Plains.  I have to believe the Common Council will, too.
I will be in attendance tonight as an interested citizen.  I want to bear witness to this vote. I am urging every White Plains resident to do the same.  I want to be there for what I hope is display of common sense and true public service to the people of White Plains.
I urge you to vote in the only way that will signal to your constituents that you hear them, that you care about the children of White Plains, and that you care about the future of White Plains.
Please vote no.
Theresa Gomez


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