” (City) Conduct is completely inconsistent with principles of due process,” as Confusing FASNY Findings Posted, Letter Says

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WPCNR SOUTH END TIMES. December 14, 2013:

The Common Council has managed to get their FASNY Findings changes incorporated into the Findings Statement scheduled to be voted either able to be mitigated, or unable to be mitigated at a new Special Meeting of the Council  December 19, 2013.

A letter was widely circulated by e-mail and to this website Friday night, accusing the city of ramrodding the project through in a secretive, confusing manner, and not making the Council changes in the Findings Statement clear, to wit:

” We just checked the City website after a long work week, and found a new version of the findings. We also learned that the meeting is now set for December 19. We had checked at 6:00 p.m. and this had not been posted. In addition, one cannot tell the difference between the initial findings (statement) and the new version, without comparing word-by-word a complex, 140+page legal document. One must ask why there is this kind of “news dump” on a Friday night — this tactic is usually employed to garner as little attention as possible to controversial actions or issues. 

   We do not believe that the City’s latest action complies with the concepts of transparency and fairness to the public, including those whose quality of life and property values will be harmed by this development. As attorneys with a combined total of 62 years in practice, we believe that this conduct is completely inconsistent with principles of due process.  The document states that FASNY has been working closely with the City, it’s consultants, and counsel for months, yet the findings upon which you will vote are posted for your constituency on a Friday night at the height of the Holiday season. Unlike the developer, the average citizen does not have a full complement of  professionals to analyze and comment upon a massive document like this on short notice. 

    We are simply at a loss to understand the biased approach which the CIty has taken in favor of a developer at the expense of long standing citizens and taxpayers, such as ourselves.  Thank you for your consideration on our views. “

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