School District Seeks Good Guy Generalist for Superintendent of Schools. Record of Cost-Cutting Not a Priority in Initial Description.

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WPCNR SCHOOL DAYS. December 11, 2013:

The Board of Education met Monday evening and saw a presentation from School Leadership, LLC,  the firm hired to conduct a search for a new Superintendent of Schools, who will, it is hoped be in place at the start of the new school year, July, 2014.They also approved advertising for the position.

The summary of what over 300 persons filling out a questionnaire (created by School Leadership LLC as to what they felt was important for any prospective new White Plains Superintendent of Schools to demonstrate was:

  1. “A strong leader who possesses a track record of effectively managing the operations of a large and culturally diverse school district while simultaneously thinking strategically and providing a focused vision for the District’s future.”
  2. “An inspirational leader who has implemented educational best practices, who has been successful at improving student achievement at all levels and who has been an effective mentor and coach for other District administrators.”
  3. “A person of  character and integrity, who takes personal ownership of the outcome of District initiatives and for whom the success of the District is his or her priority.”
  4. “A collaborative leader with solid communication and ‘people’ skills, who will be visible, accessible, build consensus, and inspire all stakeholders to achieve District goals.”

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