Beautification Foundation Head Details Extent of Community Gardens Plant Thefts

WPCNR NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH. From Jean Bello, White Plains Beautification Foundation. July 3, 2013:

White Plains Beautification Foundation Adopt-A-Park Co-Chair, Jean Bello has offered more details on the community gardens thefts first reported in an earlier article today.

Ms. Bello in a statement to WPCNR notes:

The thefts involve at least 4 gardens.
Each year we experience some theft from our gardens, but this year the
perpetrators seem to be especially brazen – 40 plants from just one garden; 2
rose bushes (which are not easy to pull out and carry away) and 12 begonias from

I don’t yet have a dollar amount of what it will cost to replace the
stolen plants, but I can get a rough estimate for you if needed.  A police
report has been filed. 

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