Stratford Brakettes Softball Clinics In June-July.

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STRATFORD June 4- The defending National ASA Women’s Major Fastpitch Softball Champion Stratford Brakettes still have openings in all of their summer clinics. The team will conduct six clinics at Frank DeLuca Hall of Fame Field and the Short Beach Recreation Complex in Stratford, Connecticut.
Brakettes Manager John Stratton is the clinic director. Assisting Stratton are members of the coaching staff and several of the players. Stratton, now in his 26th year with the team, is regarded as one of the nation’s top pitching clinicians.

The clinic consists of two identical Beginning Pitching sessions, an Advanced Pitching session, a one-day Catching clinic, and Offense/Hitting and Defense/Fielding sessions. With the exception of catching, the other sessions are two days in duration. All sessions run from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Beginning Pitching is set for June 23-24 (session #1) and June 26-27 (session #2). Advanced Pitching (session #3) is June 30-July 1. Catching (session #4) is July 2. Offense/Hitting (session #5) is July 15-16 and Defense/Fielding (session #6) is July 17-18. All clinics will be staged at DeLuca Field, except the Offense/Hitting, which is set for Short Beach.

Kaci Clark and Danielle Henderson, two of the top pitchers in the game today, will be on hand for the pitching sessions, while catchers Germaine Fairchild and Sara Jewett will handle the catching session. The remainder of the club will participate in the hitting and fielding sessions.

Registration fee for all sessions exception catching, is $65 per session. The catching fee is $35. Discounts are available for attending multiple sessions.

Additional information and a printable application form can be found on the Stratford Brakettes website, at you may call the Stratford Brakettes at (203) 378-7262, or write to Brakettes Softball, 185 Lordship Road, Stratford, CT 06615.

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Good Night David. A Real Anchorman Signs Off at 82.

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WPCNR WHITE PLAINS VOICE. By John F. Bailey. June 12, 2003: When I interviewed David Brinkley, it was 1966, and the 6 foot 3 anchorman was visiting the Ohio Wesleyan University campus in Delaware, Ohio, (where I was matriculating). Mr. Brinkley was appearing as part of a Lecture-Movie Series.

I was a campus radio station News Director at the time and naturally sought an interview. Tables turned, Mr. Brinkley, after answering hundreds of questions from a packed house at OWU’s Grey Chapel hall, graciously submitted to one more set of questions from a nervous young reporter on Vietnam, the peace process, the like, treating me with a respect and courtesy I remember to this day.

He was serious, thoughtful, measured in his responses with the wry wit, and not in love with himself, as so many “reporters” are today. That was obvious from the way he looked me in the eye, smiled, and sought to put my nervousness at ease.

David Brinkley had class, poise, and a single mindedness of purpose to report things as he found them. He died Tuesday evening in Houston from a fall according to the Associated Press.

Because of how he treated me that day, I always remembered him with respect, and modeled myself after his courteous easy going style, or at least tried to. Viewers of White Plains Week who remember Mr. Brinkley’s days as “interpretative foil” to his Montana-bred sidekick, Chet Huntley, will recognize my homage to him in the show’s blatant steal of the Huntley, Brinkley signoff, in which Mr. Brinkley would end the nightly NBC newscast saying, “Goodnight Chet,” and Mr. Brinkley would respond in his gravelly voice, “Good night, David, and Good night for NBC News.”

The Huntley-Brinkley team revolutionized convention coverage where they would be on the air for hundreds of hours straight it seemed, with Mr. Brinkley droning on like a politicalized Mel Allen with anecdotes and observations, eruditely, cleverly delivered adlib. Mr. Brinkley set the style for political commentating in a style uniquely his own. He used the appropriate word. Something today’s anchorpersons have no command of whatsoever.

Mr. Brinkley made you pay attention with his softspoken, in control style, that never rattled, with no fear of expressing his opinions of speeches, events, and directions matters were heading. He directed his own questioning, asked hard questions, and made the interview about his subject, not himself.

He was an original and can be said, in his style, to have elevated the profession of news reading to the level of news anchoring, anchoring being the art of getting at why things happened, and shedding light on where they are going and bringing out the story behind the story. This subtle elevation of the art of news created by Mr. Brinkley bringing what Edward R. Murrow did in specials, to the news every day was pioneering in an era where the media were far more pressured by politicians than they are today.

The Huntley Brinkley Report as Mr. Brinkley’s show was known was the first to use two anchors to deliver the news to hold viewers’ attention and it made NBC News instantly competitive with CBS, thanks to Mr. Brinkley’s colorful and thought-provoking delivery.

He was able to do this because he wrote and spoke in a style that was thoughtful. He strung together words well adlib and mastered the end of the sentence zinger, which is not an easy thing to do.

Mr. Brinkley did not style his hair. He did not dye it as he aged, as anchors do today. He did not have plastic surgery, or whiten his teeth. Up to his last few years, he would appear on camera for ABC with snowwhite hair his craggy aged face without pretentions. He reported. He was not the story. He called the stories as he found them, he did not spin them.

Good night, David, and thank you for U.S.A. News.

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Surf’s Up! Grab Your Board, Beaches Open This Weekend.

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WPCNR BEACHCOMBER. From Westchester County Department of Communications. June 12, 2003:All Westchester county-owned pools and beaches will open this weekend, June 14 & 15; beginning Saturday, June 21, they will be open daily through
Labor Day, with the exception of Croton Point beach which will be open
weekends only throughout the season.

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White Plains Young Thespians Appear at Northern Westchester Art Council’s MOD

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WPCNR’S STAGE DOOR: WAKSBERG’S WORLD By Harry Waksberg. June 12, 2003: White Plains has key members in the cast of MOD, an exciting new show opening this weekend in the Colleen Dewhurst Theater.

The show is this weekend: Friday @ 7, Saturday @ 4 and 8, Sunday @ 3 at the Northern Westchester Center for the Arts in Mt. Kisco.

Tickets are $10. You can make reservations by calling 241-6922 or buy them at the door.

I, Harry Waksberg have what must be the smallest possible of roles, but it may be his last show with this theater group and it has many emotional ties for me. If you go to WPHS, you will see my sister, Susannah, who has a large role and will be a freshman next year.

MOD is about a group of teens growing up in 1965 during Beatlemania (yes, 60’s music does appear sporadically throughout the show). It’s very funny and we have an amazing cast including:

Chantel Pascente
Elizabeth Marie Kerin
Nick Wells
Liam Nelligan
Jeremy Sevelovitz
Briana Sakamoto
Andrea Jimenez
Sarah Shankman
Susannah Genty-Waksberg
Harry Genty-Waksberg
Lauren Sisca
Sarah Lutz

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2,400 Speeding Tickets Issued in 2 Months of Operation Safe Streets

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WPCNR POLICE GAZETTE. By John F. Bailey. June 11, 2003: Mayor Joseph Delfino, appearing before the Council of Neighborhood Associations, reported last night that the Department of Public Safety had issued 2,400 summonses for speeding within the White Plains city limits since the start of Operation Safe Streets April 16. The Mayor added that 70% of the speeding violations were committed by motorists living in the city.

“We’re going to continue it,” the Mayor said, saying some 24 officers were now radar-trained and that the program was having an effect on making White Plains streets safer.

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Mall Mogul Says White Plains Mall Has Not Been Sold, But He’s Courted.

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WPCNR WHITE PLAINS STREET. By John F. Bailey. June 11, 2003: The Council of Neighborhood Associations was stunned Tuesday evening when, Planning Commissioner Susan Habel, in discussing the state of development in White Plains said that Jim Benerofe, publisher of Suburban Street and Editor of, White Plains Week personality, and one of White Plains leading figures in real estate, had sold the White Plains Mall, a property he and his brothers own.

WHITE PLAINS MALL NOT SOLD SAYS MALL MOGUL: Jim Benerofe, pictured at the Robert Ruger Birthday Party in November. Mr. Benerofe told WPCNR today that city reports he and his partners had sold their pioneer property, the White Plains Mall, were not true. He said the property was being pursued by several suitors, but no deal had been struck. The interest in the White Plains Mall was further indication that interest in White Plains properties was attracting discerning investors to the White Plains downtown opportunities
Photo by WPCNR

Ms. Habel, in her remarks to the Council of Neighborhood Associations last night, said it was the city’s intent to keep the White Plains Mall property, as it is presently zoned. She said it was the city’s intent to allow no changes in zoning that would allow grandiose development of the property to future owners, or development that would encroach on the North side residential neighborhood north of Hamilton Avenue.

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Business Journal & WPW Report Cappelli Wants to Turn South Tower Into Condos

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WPCNR WHITE PLAINS CAPPELLI CHRONICLES. June 10, 2003: Alex Philippidis, Editor of Westchester County Business Journal and White Plains Week news personality reports that in his exclusive post Westchester County Association Annual Spring Dinner interview with Super Developer Louis Cappelli, Mr. C. told him he was planning to turn his 35-story City Center apartment tower from 300 apartments into 150-condominium apartments.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL’S Philippidis said Mr. Cappelli was “close” to acquiring $85 Million to build to erect the second of his twin ziggurats at his “signature” City Center complex in the heart of White Plains last week, and also broke the story of Cappelli switching the building to “All-Condo” on Monday evening’s White Plains Week cablecast on WPPA-TV . White Plains “Spirit of 76.”

In his bylined Page 3 dispatch in Westchester Business Journal this week, Mr. Philippidis says Mr. Cappelli reports he plans to sell the condominium units for $600,000 and up for a 1-bedroom unit with the condo apartments being about double the size of previously approved rental units in the tower.

NORTH TOWER OF CITY CENTER RISING ON MAIN STREET: It’s companion building is planned to go “all-condo”.
Photo by WPCNR News

The Mayor’s Press Office did not return calls from WPCNR to ascertain whether a site plan amendment was required to approve the change in plan, but Common Council sources thought the change in nature of the planned South Skyscraper would require going back before the Common Council.

A Council member, speaking on condition of anonymity speculated that a quid quo pro might be in order to make some of the condos “working families housing,” since the precedent was set in granting devoloper Frank Cantatore approval for condominiums at 10 Windsor Terrace in exchange for a $20,000 contri bution towards “Working Families Housing.”

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The Real Me Helps Teens in Treatment Centers Gain Confidence

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WPCNR SUNDAY MAGAZINE. By Michelle Lippin and Linda Lieberman. June 8, 2003:What could possibly hold the attention of 39 teenage girls, between the ages of 13 and 18, for an entire evening? MAKEUP and skin care presented by the professional hair and make-up artists Thomas Mannarino, Melissa Corsetti and Lisa Decarlo of Ardsley’s Salon 877.

You could hear a pin drop as the girls watched two of their cottage-mates transformed into model-like beauties by the hair and make-up artists. The onjective of the program was to teach teens how to take care of their skin and apply make-up for day-wear, job interviews or a dramatic evening out.

The evening was sponsored by theYoung Leaders Council of Westchester Region of Hadassah under their program The Real ME, Proud for ALL to See for teenage Girls living in foster care at the Graham School in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. The Graham School is part of the Graham Windham agency, which is the oldest non-sectarian foster care program in the country, founded in 1806 in New York City.

Often, teenagers try to imitate the models they see in magazines and end up with heavy, severe results. The make-up professionals from Salon 877 showed them how they can use make-up more naturally, to highlight their best features.

When Jazzette saw herself after all was done she said, “I feel like putting on an elegant gown and going out special for the evening.”
All the girls received beautiful gift bags filled with donated make-up and skin care items- in time for their prom.

The Real ME, Proud for ALL to SEE was a year-long community service project, during which the young, dynamic Hadassah leaders/ volunteers gathered health and beauty items, magazines, CDs through a gala fundraising event at Neiman Marcus, White Plains and donations from members of Greenburgh Hebrew Center in Dobbs Ferry and Temple Beth Abraham in Tarrytown.

The Young Leaders of Westchester Region of Hadassah’s inaugural project, LIDZ & VIDZ for KIDZ, won the 2000 National Hadassah community service award. It involved the collection and donation of new baseball caps, videos and videocassette players and books to patients in hospital pediatric wards throughout the region.

Special thanks go to Michele Lippin, Hadassah coordinator, and Hadassah Young Leaders volunteers Barbara Rose, Karen Everett, Sharon Messing, Debbie Schwartz, Riki Falkson, Anna Miller, Gila Fortensky, Deborah Wiskind, Leslie Liss and Lisa Davidson, as well as Diane Kaplan, Westchester Region of Hadassah field consultant, and Region president Fern Tannenbaum. Thanks also to Eveready Drugs, LLC-Scott Scheinblum, Salon 877’s Thomas Mannarino, Melissa Corsetti and Lisa Decarlo for all their help and support on this project.

For more information about Hadassah call 914-937-3151 or visit A copy of Hadassah’s latest Financial Report is available by writing the Hadassah Finance Department, 50 W. 58th St., NewYork, NY 10019.

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Adam In Albany: Assembly Passes Rockefeller Drug Law Reform

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WPCNR’S ADAM IN ALBANY. By District 89 Assemblyman Adam T. Bradley. June 7, 2003:New York’s fight against illegal drugs is far from over. Despite our best efforts, drug addiction and drug-related crimes continue to plague our communities. Unfortunately, our approach to combating drugs has not changed much in decades. New York’s antiquated Rockefeller drug laws fail to address the underlying problem of addiction.

Since their enactment in 1973, the Rockefeller drug laws have become infamous for their severe and inflexible mandatory minimum sentences. The law has been criticized as being unnecessarily harsh and counterproductive. Its mandatory sentencing has often led first-time nonviolent drug offenders to receive prison terms longer than murderers and rapists.

In an effort to make the law more effective, the Assembly passed a plan to reform New York’s antiquated Rockefeller drug laws, allowing judges to sentence some non-violent, lower-level offenders to mandatory drug treatment programs as a potential alternative to prison. The plan is expected to save New York $164 million annually, alleviating crowded prisons while cracking down on violent offenders and treating the causes of drug-related crime.

After 30 years, it’s time to acknowledge that mandatory prison sentences do not cure drug addiction. And in terms of reducing crime, research shows that treatment is a much more effective and less costly alternative to incarceration. This measure frees the court to decide the most appropriate sentence – to make the punishment fit the crime.

A 1997 Rand Corporation study that found drug treatment was 15 times more effective than mandatory sentencing in reducing serious crimes committed against people and property by drug offenders. Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman has estimated that graduates of the drug court diversion program operated by the court system commit two-thirds fewer crimes than drug offenders who are simply incarcerated for a period of time.

The Assembly bill (A.7078) would:

• Give judges and prosecutors discretion in recommending drug treatment as a potential alternative to prison;
• Create a new drug-related Class B-II felony for certain lower level sale or possession cases involving relatively small amounts of narcotics; and
• Give judges more flexibility in sentencing individuals on Class B and lower felonies.

New York has achieved great success in reducing crime – especially violent crime – in recent years. We can build on this success by working to eliminate the problem of substance abuse, which lies at the core of most criminal behavior.

Treating the causes of crime

Under these drug law reforms, prosecutors will have the ability to recommend and judges may order certain drug offenders, whose non-violent crimes resulted from drug abuse, to treatment programs as an alternative to a mandatory state prison term.

The plan allows prosecutors to first review whether or not a non-violent drug offender should be diverted from prison to drug treatment. A judge would then make the final determination on whether an offender is placed in mandatory drug treatment as a potential alternative to prison.

Combating drug-related gun violence

Recognizing the deadly connection between the drug trade and firearms, the new legislation imposes a mandatory minimum five-year prison sentence for anyone convicted of possessing a loaded handgun with the intent to use it while selling or attempting to sell drugs. The plan also retains life sentences for drug kingpins who engage in major drug trafficking.

I am confident that reforming the Rockefeller drug laws is a more effective approach to fighting drugs in New York, and urge the Senate and the governor to join the Assembly in the long-overdue effort to reform these harsh and draconian laws. These laws have ruined lives and failed to solve the drug epidemic facing our communities.

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D-Day was 59 years ago today.

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WPCNR STARS AND STRIPES. June 6, 2003: Fifty-nine years ago this morning, thousands of troops stormed the beaches in Normandy, France in the largest invasion in history. The bloody assault against a heavily defended coastline, involving incredible courage and sacrifice by allied troops, landing craft, paratroops, signalled the beginning of the end of the Third Reich and the regime of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

The quiet beaches of Normandy today, and the rows of white crosses in cemetaries around the little town bear silent vigil to the sacrifice of those brave men and women who fought, died, and triumphed this day 59 years ago today.

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