City Proposes Extending Night Street 6-9 Parking Enforcement to Midnight. Raising High Demand Lots to $1.50, Hiking Garage Overtime Fine to $20.  Council Not So Sure

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City Commissioner of Parking and Traffic, Kevin Livingston presented a new proposed scale of parking rates for the City of White Plains at Monday evening Common Council Work Session, which can be viewed on the City of White Plains website at–2

Under the new rates, non-permit parking would increase 25 cents to $1.25 bringing them in line with the parking structure rates.

High volume downtown parking lots would be raised to $1.50 an hour. Those lots rising to $1.50 are: Waller-Maple, Quarrropus Lot, Mitchell Place,  Court Street Lot.

The parking overtime fine in the city garages would rise from $10 to $20..

Council members Nadine Hunt-Robinson, Jennifer Puja and Victoria Presser were concerned about the increase in parking fee collection to midnight. Councilman Richard Payne raised the issue that doublE-Parking was a serious problem aggravating traffic and should be addressed. Victoria Presser asked why the increases were needed and why now. Commissioner Livingston said the technology was aging up and in order to replace (in a timely manner) the city needed the funds now.

At no time during the presentation was the current trend of parking fees and fines revenue stated as an issue prompting raising of fees.

In other matters,

The Common Council approved moving the December 4 regularly scheduled Common Council meeting to December 11 in order that Mayor Roach could attend the U.S. Conference of Mayors Delegation to the UN Climate Change meeting, beginning tomorrow November 30 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Armory Senior Citizens Center residence detailed a zoning change to build 50 new residences and street retail with details to follow in coming months.

The 60 Broadway, former “Esplanade” appeared requesting a site plan extension. The Mayor, Ms. Hunt-Robinson, Ms. Puja, and Ms. Presser all spoke at length of the long delayed plans for the building chiding the Lennar, the developer for the long delay in completing the building. It is unclear at this time whether the extension will be granted. You can watch this lively exchange and indignation of the Common Council at the delay in its entirety on the city website.


The matter is most likely to be on the agenda on December 11, the next Common Council Meeting, which was voted to be moved from December 4  in order for Mayor Roach to attend the United Nations meeting on Climate Change in New York.

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