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COVID BIVALENT BOOSTER SHOTS AT  WHITE PLAINS SITES NOW AND OTHER  SOUTHERN WESTCHESTER LOCATIONS TODAY! GO TO https://www.vaccines.gov/search/ for the Bivalent Booster ready locations around the county!



WPCNR COVID SURVEILLANCE. Statistics from NY Covid Tracker. Observation and Analysis by John F. Bailey April 23, 2023:

I used to worry. Stay Home. Not go out. WORRY! STAY! NO GO OUT!  WORRY! STAY! NO GO OUT! BUT NOW I’M–



Those who have completed their series of Covid Shots  are now eligible for the Bivalent Booster announced last week and it is here in White Plains New York USA. It is one of the best coordinated efforts by the government in years at least locally. The CDC  and the manufacturers have  executed brilliantly.

I GOT MINE MONDAY MORNING AT 11:15 A.M. in White Plains New York USA

The Center  for Disease  Control has delivered the new Bivalent Booster to White PLAINS  New Rochelle,  Port Chester Mount Vernon Yonkers and 38 locations across the swath of southern Westchester. 

There do not appear to be locations with the new bivalent protector above Chappaqua.

Go to find locations with Bivalent Booster in stock for Pfizer and  Moderna  at the CDC website https://www.vaccines.gov/search/ type in your zip code and the site displays a bullet map showing locations where you can get the new vaccine.

The CDC gives the locations phone numbers. And the pharmacy I called, answered, confirmed they had the vaccine and I could walk-in at 11, no appointment necessary.

I walked in expecting delay putting 30 minutes on the meter.

The young ladies behind the counter knew all about it.

  1. They asked for my vaccination card (showing the first 5 shots of my Pfizer series.
  2. They asked for proof of my  medical insurance  for records, though the bivalient booster vaccine does not cost you anything at the location I went and should not anywhere The staff said there was no cost.
  3. They asked for a photo I.D. (Drivers license)

I received the shot within 15 minutes.

The vaccine going in gives you just a dull stiffness in your arm. You hardly realize it is going in or when it is actually withdrawn from your arm.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am. Because I have now I have done all I can at this time to protect myself and others.


Last week in Covid, Westchester continued for a third straight week lowering infections to 181 for the 7 days ended Saturday.

At the present rate of 2.72 daily infections for 5 days last week  per 100,000 persons in Westchester next week  should result in 192 infections which would complete April with 867 new cases of covid,compared with 1,352 for the month of March.

The Saturday infections for entire Westchester County was 35 infections.

Since the County likes to cite how many cases we have had in the past to analyze covid intensity in the present, I will do that.

Last April 2022 April had 7,054 new cases. This year we are on track for 867. However 3 months ago in January 2023  we  experienced 6,573 infections after a very socially reckless December. February we knocked that down to 2,906.

March cut infections to 1,352

The number of infected people  are out there is not really known because the persons have not verified their positives with a lab test. That unknown, unestimated by any official authority  is what is keeping the covid cloud lingering over us.

There were 1,352 known new cases (lab tested) in March and they have resulted in a projected 867 cases in April. This means that people known to be infected have infected less than 1 person. This kind of spread rate is very low.

If there are hundreds more people out there with covid whom we do not know because they are not verifying antigen test positives they take at home, that can be  a source of the weekly almost 1,000 new cases we continue to see, and we cannot count those continuing to perhaps spread the disease at above the actual daily new case rate

The optimist way of acknowledging that worry and diminishing the worry, say covid is just something we have to live with the possibility of growing.

I say finish off your vaccine series people get the booster and the new one.

We will see what the hospitalizations are around the county later today,  at 65% of new admissions  (62 of 96 admissions) from March 31 to April 18,being admitted to White Plains hospital because of covid last week at White Plains Hospital according to the state, you have to wonder where those sick enough to be admitted to a hospital bed are coming from.

If we had not stopped testing everybody who thought they were sick we would know where the continued spread, last week still closer to 1,000 a week instead of below 500 you have to wonder about the invisible spread. That is a major dropped ball by the authorities.

If everyone had gotten vaccinated, the cases would be lower.

If schools had been directed to continue to announce students testing positive, you would know if school populations were spreading the disease. But the State Education Department said that was no longer necessary. Now, we have to take School District word for it. That is simply a “feel good” decision based on guesswork.

If we have a surge by July which we had last year that resulted in a big wave in December,  we will have no impending knowledge of a bigger than expected July surge  because of those decisions by individuals who did not get the full vaccination treatments; failure to keep track of infections in the school population; and failure to make mandatory lab tests of all persons with positives after  antigen tests.

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