The State of Mom

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WPCNR QUARTERLY STATE OF LIFE SERIES # 8. News & Comment  By John F. Bailey. March 31, 2023:


Always Mom


When a woman decides to become a mother

Bond is formed between mother and creation

Lasting for eternity, never can be cut asunder

From first setting eyes on child with wild-eyed elation.


Always mom from then on

Even when child departs

First steps, first triumphs linger in mind’s repetition

Forever warmly in mother and child hearts.


Sacrifices daily, grudgingly offered,

Yielding proud moments seen in childrens’ glows

Pains of pleasures given up and roads Mom ignored

Ever soothed by sunny days of child laughter and happiness she knows.


Always Mom to depend on and look out for you,

A Child knows even after pulling away Mom is always on his side

Whether in call or text, or fond memory after adieu

Mom’s spirit is always there to draw and comfort alongside.


In a memory, gems of advice

Ignored when first spoke miraculously

Resurface to guide in times of crisis

To reassure, to comfort mysteriously


Always Mom too often we are heedless

Of the heartbreak caused, unaware

How our achievements bring you joy boundless

And remember the hurt you healed with love that does not waver.


Always mom I shall always see there

At the old home place, taste that special treat

Again: pies, the special cakes on magical days of no care

In these days of transition as I grow, the memories repeat


Always Mom, you are the one person who never fails

To deliver what I need at any moment in my life.

From a call to a pat to a ride when I get off the rails

From annoying reminders to trim my course’s sails.


I find my thoughts on your day just inadequate

Too easy to express what your being there always

Has meant to me, so in little trinkets that may brighten your days

By their whimsy and chemistry we share inviolate.


Silly though my talismans of tribute may be our bond together

Will always be a special link I will not have with any other

Even one I may eventually love another

It will never be as unique as the love for my always mother.


So take my silly things and when you smile,

Know you gladden my heart as you always did

When my efforts pleased you, though I did not want to show it did.

Know how hard I tried to please you all the while.


It is impossible for child to ever give back the gifts you give

Even when you are far away. I feel them inside me with warm glow.

I regret when I failed to please you and want you to know

I try to live up to your standard you set each day you live.


As time eventually will changes the ways we are together

I celebrate the time with my Always Mom which makes us both better..

As our bonds loosen, they grow stronger in spirit and deed.

I become more like you, I feel you inside mind and heart and need.


So thank you my Always Mom, on this day.

Celebrating what we have: friendship, advice, tolerance, respect, loyalty

That both of us can draw from each other in times needed,

I hope I will be worthy to provide the same when I become an

Always Mom, too

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