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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. January 28, 2023:

The Westchester County Board of Legislators is considering passing a law to prevent, or make it more difficult, for a candidate like Congressman George Santos (who lied about almost every aspect of his life during the campaign)  from holding elective office in this county. 

I believe that the proposed law doesn’t go far enough.

Candidates for every office (local, county, state and federal, should be required to provide biographical information including the candidates educational, military and employment histories to the  New York State Board of Elections when they file nominating petitions.

If the candidate is elected and is found to have lied about his/her educational, military and employment backgrounds – I think that a recall election should be held if 5% of the voters who live within the boundaries of the district sign a petition calling  for a recall election. 

It’s outrageous that the Congress won’t remove George Santos from office even though he misrepresented his life to voters who live in his congressional district prior to the election.

There needs to be a mechanism in place that would enable the voters to remove officials from local, county, state and federal offices,  if a similar situation would arise in the future.

19 states authorize recall elections.

New York State currently does not. I propose that the New York State Legislature approve a limited recall law that would only authorize recall elections when office holders are found to have lied about their educational, military and employment backgrounds.

PAUL FEINER Greenburgh Town Supervisor  

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