TRI-INFECTA RSV, FLU, COVID 19 SPREADING IN THE 5 NYC BOROUGHS. Babies VULNERABLE. Covid now assumes role of an expected disease after 9 months of refusing to protect ourselves

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WPCNR RSV, FLU COVID SURVEILLANCE . Figures from the NYS Covid Tracker and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Observations and Analysis by John F. Bailey. November 16, 2022:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced 2.8 million flu diagnoses (one third the city’s 8.8 million population) this fall in New York city. At Brooklyn Kings County Hospital doctors told Bronx News 12 that they are seeing cases of RSV and Covid-19.

Infections of covid in Nassau and Suffolk Counties contribute to the covid spread, running over 700 cases daily depending on lab-verified tests. on Friday in Nassau and Suffolk County, reported 793 new covid cases and on Monday, 757 new persons infected with covid. This is not a new development.

It’s been going on in Nassau and Suffolk all summer long. One month ago for example on October 15, Nassau and Suffolk had 782 infections. They have averaged approximately 600 new covid infections a day. The Nassau and Suffolk counties are New York State hot spots.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced yesterday there have been at least 2.8 million flu diagnoses this season. Doctors at Kings County Hospital tell Bronx News 12 that they’re seeing many cases of not only the flu, but RSV and COVID-19 as well. , particularly affecting babies, a new development.

The latest official pronouncement follows on Dr. Katelyn Jetelina’s observation last week in her column published weekly on WPCNR and on her website where she makes the rounds of latest trends the last 24 hours. Last week Dr. Jetelina said RSV was spreading rapidly and again called what authorities should have been telling the people.

Babies are the primary targets of RSV.

“In pediatric patients, especially young babies, it does tend to primarily affect the lungs, and it can prevent the baby from breathing too well,” said Dr. Youssef at Kings County to Bronx News12. “So, what you want to look out for in those areas is poor feeding… some contractions in the lower spaces when breathing and any sign that you just feel they may need a little help taking some breaths.” 

 While there is no vaccine for RSV available to the public yet, preventative measures such as washing your hands and wearing a mask can help keep RSV at bay Dr. Youssef said.

Youssef said the hospital is preparing for another surge in covid cases this winter that could potentially be impacted by rising flu cases as well.  

On Monday, Brooklyn reported 640 new covid cases. The Bronx 392, Manhattan 483. Queens 598 and Staten Island 99 covid cases. All five broughs Monday reported 2,212 lab-verifed cases of covid on a population of 8.8 million less than 0% of the city population

In Westchester County we are gulty too. The county reported 233 new cases of covid on 3,420 Lab-confirmed tests or 5.8%.

Westchester completed its 36th consecutive week as WPCNR reported Monday of over 1,000 infections of covid a week every week over the last 9 months.

This creeping terror of covid spread has entrenched the disease.

It is not as some would put it behind us and just something we could get. It is now an ever present danger, and it was not 9 months ago, when we were vaccinating and masking and social distancing.

In the spring we started opening up by decision of the legislature which took over the emergency powers of Governor Cuomo.

So far On Sunday, Westchester was confirmed to have 168 new covid cases by the State covid tracker.

Covid is not on the wane.

This has been a collective effort of downplaying the disease by all.

The disease does not stop. It has gained momentum by our failure to vaccinate fully, adopting reckless behavior because we want to, and lack of enforcement by leaders unwilling to risk unpopularity in an election year, and avoiding legislating any fines, warnings, and enforcement measures that would affect their popularity in an election year. The media have not reported the details of the covid continuing wave of infections.

Covid is now a regular disease that we’ve been getting in Westchester at 1,000 cases a week for 36 weeks, due to Westchester behavior the last 9 months.

Health officials in New York urge New Yorkers to receive their vaccinations for the flu and COVID-19.

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