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The up-to-date Mid-Hudson Region, and all counties, NYC and Long Island Monkeypox case count county be county. Click white arrow at bottom left to scroll down and up the Monkeypox Board. From the NYS DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH


WPCNR EPIDEMIC SURVEILLANCE. From the New State Department of Health Monkeypox and Covid Tracker. Observations & Analysis By John F. Bailey. August 17, 2022:

In New York City the number of Monkeypox Infections of persons in exceeded the number of new Covid infections over the weekend, 2,431 TO 1,859 with Nassau and Suffolk Counties seeing double digit infections.

Westchester was reported by the New York State Department of Health to have 1,664 new persons testing positive with covid last week, and 66 cases of MonkeyPox, 15 more than the previous week.

In New York City, the Covid Tracker reported NYC having 2,340 new persons testing positive for covid Saturday the 13th,  1,670 new covid positives Sunday, the 14th, and on Monday,  1, 859 new civid cases.

MonkeyPox infections in the five boroughs of NYC number 2,431 as of Wednesday and growing. It should be noted that Nassau and Suffolk Counties are reporting 26 monkeypox cases in Nassau and Suffolk County, 39.  

In 12 days, since Monkeypox was declared an emergency by Governor Hochul, the city has hit 2,431 cases. At this rate of spreading the city may have 5,240 cases in the city in two weeks. (or more).   Bottom line monkeypox is infecting in freefall.

New York is averaging 70 new Monkeypox cases a day according to the dark line. At that rate NYC would have 980 to over one thousand new cases in two weeks.

In Westchester, not as much. The County  has 66 infections on the Department of Health Tracker.

It is impossible to tell what the Westchester County spread rate is, as the case count was 51 last week. Nassau County and Suffolk County long a source of steadier higher cases among the 9 counties surrounding New York City during 2-1/2 years of Covid are also seeing significant and steady rise in  Monkeypox.

Westchesterites’ terrific performance the last 4 weeks in sharply reducing covid spread to 1500 cases a week down from over 2,000 may be threatened by the monkeypox spread in NYC infecting very fast on a daily basis but that has not happened yet. But it is happening in New York City and Long Island.

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