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WPCNR PLAYLAND TODAY. By John F. Bailey, June 8, 2022 UPDATED June 9, 2022::

Standard Amusements is scheduled to open Playland at 10:00 A.M. and closing at 3 P.M. On Friday Saturday and Sunday this weekend the new Playland opens at noon and closes at 10P.M. Next Week Playland will be open from 4 to 10 P.M. each evening on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and resume 12 to 10 P.M. hours on Friday. Admission information are at the bottom of the Pre-opening pictures shot by WPNCR yesterday.

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Construction crews have made significant progress to ready Playland, the last of the oldtime amusement parks (opened in 1928) for opening tomorrow, with the old favorites, the Carousel, the Steeplechase, Kiddyland, the Log Plunge, and the lagoon, and of course, the Dragon Coaster.

Here are the rides at the New Playland as Standard Amusements opens the park today, bear in mind not all rides may be open:

THRILL RIDES: Dragon Coaster, Dragonator, Go Karts, Log Flume, Old Rye Motorcycle Factory(coming new ride), Catch a Wave, Crazy Mouse, Derby Racer (I call it the Steeple Chase), Double Shot, The Plunge, The Whip, Yo Yo.

CHILDREN’S RIDES KIDDY LAND: Kiddy Scrambler, Kiddy Whip, Motorcycle Jump, Mushroom Rider, Playland Express (train), Red Baron, Jolly Caterpillar, Himalaya, Jump N Bean, Jungle Jammin, Antique Cars, Boat Ride, Convoy, Crazy Submarine, Flying Dragons, Fun Slide, Swing Around, Sun and Moon

FAMILY RIDES: Kite Flyer, Music Express, Ye Old Mill (old favorite, back again), Tornado, Zombie Castle (oldie but a scary).

Go to for more details on the Rides, click on “Rides.”

Poor fall weather produced significant delays due to rains each week followed by a winter with more rain and steady cold temperatures. The county changed contractors in January and since then the new contractors have done come from behind construction.

Westchester County has not announced an opening ceremony, and Standard Amusements has not advised WPCNR of the status of the park going forward, or any ceremonies recognizing the beginning of Standard Amusements Playland and what new rides will be opened and when the new pool will be opening and its status.

(Editor’s Note: On the website, in early May, Ernie Blundell, the recently appointed General Manager of Standard Amusements, said, “We’re excited for visitors to see all the hard work that has gone into revitalizing this beloved community treasure.” Blundell told the Rye website that work on the colonnades would “resume” next fall and a Plaza retail store would be added and a Plaza Restaurant would be constructed.

In that article, reported there is a new arcade, new Midway Games and 3 more games would added later in the summer plus 3 new rides and a new fountain light show.)

There have been outstanding efforts by the construction company to make up lost time due to the weather with weekend work for the last three weeks I believe. Here is how Playland looked yesterday.

The Grand Entrance Fountain Plaza Tuesday morning. Workers were installing admission booths at the bottom of the tower to the left. Work continued on the new administration building on the right. The copper roofing is a splendid improvement.
Scaffolding has been removed from the Bath House and pool entrance on the Boardwalk. The Walk was being cleaned for pedestrians yesterday.
The newly renovated Administration Building housing County Police offices at right still had significant interior work to be completed. Ice Casino to the right has been operating all winter.
The Fountain Plaza Entrance to the rides and attractions . It is not known whether concessions will be operating, since Standard Amusements and Westchester County did not respond to WPCNR when called yesterday.
The Fountain was in the process of being reconnected for Opening Day tomorrow.
Picnic areas were being set up.
The rides were getting excited!
WATERS awaited for the first Log Plunge of the year.
The eastern entrance Boardwalk which wraps all around the park to Rye City Park, ready to welcome strollers of all ages to the festive speaker systems playing the Summer Beat with seaviews of Long Island Sound
Playland Lake pavillion. It is unclear at this time if the Lake Cruise will be back, or other boat-type rides will be available.
The MIDWAY COLONNADES were getting finishing touches and new restrooms.
The signature Colonnades that were replaced were getting painted yesterday
The Dragon Coaster and a scary house of the past are ready!
The Steeplechase left center, the Ferris Wheel and Kiddyland spruced up just still needing a little paint.
The Playland Express with new track on its “Horseshoe Curve” is ready for kids big and small. My favorite ride.
The Season Ticket Plans and single admission prices. Parking is $17 Weekends and $12 during the weekdays. For details go to the website
NEW PLAYLAND POOL IN PROGRESS. To WPCNR’s observation, the tiled terrace bordering the pool, is still under construction. The pool needs painting, but it is unclear if testing for leaks would be done before painting. The electric filtration system needs to be turned on and tested. The pool should, if all goes well open by the end of June, 3 weeks, maybe. No indication from the county or Standard Amusements on completion of the pool or the state of completion of the bath house. The pool has been under construction since September.

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