Sometimes You Need a Big Dog

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My dog Vickie– A Big Dog Who Knew What She had to do.

WPCNR THE SUNDAY BAILEY News & Comment by John F. Bailey. March 27, 2022:

I remember as if I was watching Instant Replay in my mind.

It was  lunchtime recess on the Roselle Avenue School Playground in Old Pleasantville. I was in 6h grade.  I was milling around on the playground with other boys when the bully of the 6th grade decided to challenge me on the playground he called me a name. Fights were common back then in elementary school as playgrounds were not supervised.

He did not like me because I ignored him. Then he said, “I’m talking to you.”

I backed up and he put his hands on my chest and pushed me flat on the ground. Hard.

I started to get up, not knowing what to do.

I backed off backpedaling then he advanced on me both arms extended to push me again.

Then other boys started backing off quickly.

As my big cocky adversary advanced on me, out of the corner of my  eye I saw this grey and white blur galloping toward me. I forgot to mention  I lived a block down Weskora Avenue from the school.

My dog Vickie always walked me to school and waited patiently for me to come home from school to walk me back was racing onto the playground.

She looked like Rin Tin Tin or Lassie coming to the rescue out of a movie serial, or Yukon King coming to Sergeant Preston’s aid

And on she came! Barking furiously! (All that was missing was the William Tell Overture!

Full speed she runs into the melee of boys racing out of her way, who were backing off, scattering as she approached!

She skidded to a halt between the bully and me,  rising up on hindlegs placing both fore paws on his shoulders, snarling and pushed him flat to the ground, stood over him in his face.

“Mr. Big Stuff” did not know what hit him.

Down he went, flat on his back.

I grabbed my dog’s collar and pulled her back. Saying, “No, Vickie, no…it’s all right.”

Well Mr. tough guy   pushed back on his legs pronto , scrambling, got to his feet and ran.

The crowd of boys looked on in awe.

The bully never threatened me or anyone around school again.

I took my dog and walked her home.

Today of course the dog would have been impounded and probably destroyed as a dangerous animal.

She was lucky, she never bit him. No authorities saw. And no one complained. Not even a parent.

It brings to mind the realization that sometimes you have to have a big dog to come to your aid when you can’t defend yourself. My dog protected me without question.

We are two months into the Russo-Ukraine War.

Ukrainians are amazingly courageous, brave and stoic. I hope I’d be as brave as they are enduring Russian troops and mercenaries (murderers for hire) laying back and lobbing missiles into cities killing thousands of innocent people. What lessons in courage.

But the Ukrainians need a big dog here. They need some Big Dog Leaders.

Sadly there are no Big Dogs today.

The big dog countries are hanging back by not cutting off Russian oil and gas imports and bringing Russia to an economic halt.

No Russian commercial aircraft should be patronized. No stock transactions with Russian banks or exchanges should be condoned. Internet connections should be pre-severed. Cut the wires on communications. Russian telecasts and websites should be dumped by servers if they have not already done so. Can we stop airing Russian video propaganda statements on news networks? Mercenary businesses aiding Russia should be hampered financially.

The big dogs are afraid of retaliation by Russia  with  cybar disruption, missiles, nuclear strikes or worse

But are NATO “Big Dogs” more afraid of losing political power in their own countries by stopping buying  Russian oil and gas exports and inconveniencing their citizens — that is the question.

They need to put the screws on the Russian Government now. Like they did when Russia walled Berlin. When President Truman ran the Berlin Airlift to feed the cut-off city in 1948).

The U.S. needs to use our oil and gas resources to back the NATO countries unwilling as yet turn off the Russian Oil and gas supplies and see how long it takes for Russian citizens to demand relief. Total economic embargo is needed here.

The Big Dogs have to rise up and have nothing to do with this genocide on the Ukrainian nation and decent human beings who have done nothing wrong.

How many holocausts will we tolerate to preserve our self-interests?

It is time to call in markers from the United Arab States to supply the oil that Russia supplies to Europe. And send our natural gas to Europe.

I am sick of hearing how well our economy is recovering. It’s an illusion. Inflation. Blame American business they are raising the prices.

When you’re a Big Dog, you cannot think of yourself when you see something so demented and horrifyingly wrong that it needs to be stopped.

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