The CitizeNetReporter Schedules His Coronavirus Vaccine Shot.

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WPCNR VacciNatioNews. By John F. Bailey. January 12, 2020 UPDATED 1:10 pm EST :

(Editor’s Note: WPCNR invites comments by email – on others’ using the appointment system and your experience with it. )

Coronavirus vaccinations are now being scheduled. By computer only.

So far the system for one-day is a marvel of Government achievement. It works. But at this point only by computer. And the sooner you apply for an appointment the better.

As County Executive George Latimer announced yesterday, scheduling of vaccines is now under way.

As of yesterday afternoon, the dates I reckon are now probably scheduled deep into February. As of early afternoon yesterday appointments were signed through January 27.

I was informed this afternoon that the earliest Westchester County Center appointment as of today in April 1.

Persons I know were having some trouble navigating the scheduling, but figured it out and were able to get schedule dates before noon early Monday morning

If you were not internet and computer fluent, Paul Feiner Greenburgh Town Supervisor has asked for volunteers to aid persons through the process.

Had it not been for my wife I would have been at sea to understand it. She registered me by filling out the registration form. That was quickly confirmed by the state and I had my appointment. Impressive!

Monday morning my wife went on to the website and printed out the list of places where vaccines were being given. She suggested I call some of the places.

See the blue type “Schedule your vaccine appointment” ? ( above the County Center phone number — which just gets you County Center department selections if you call it) CLICK ON “Schedule your vaccine appointment”TO PROCEED TO FILL OUT THE FORM THAT SCHEDULES YOU.

I got frustrated when I called the  County Center number and simply got the County Center normal public answering message (no mention of any coronavirus vaccine), that immediately causes anxiety on the part of a caller. I called Sloane Kettering, same thing a canned message

Then, I got it, maybe they did not have the vaccine so were not “telephone live.”

Mr. Latimer noted in yesterday’s Covid Briefing, that not all places listed on the list of places as giving the vaccine might have the vaccine yet.

Then my wife said why not  click on the blue line listed just above the County Center telephone number,it read (in blue) “Schedule your vaccine appointment ”


Perhaps there is someone in New York State who does not know that when filling out a form on a computer, that a blue phrase is what you CLICK on to do something.

Taking a leave from my old direct response career a huge ARROW should point to the blue type you press to yield the form and the words CLICK HERE. But that was the only quibble I have about the list of sites, that and getting standard voice mail choices on a phone call.) Telephone scheduling since it was not working yesterday remains to be seen how that will perform.

(Men, do not attempt this alone).

My wife, whom I affectionately refer to as Brenda Starr for her red hair and brains, and creative intuition then was able to pull up the extensive application for the vaccination and took me through it. Do not attempt to do this without your own “Brenda Starr” or Paul Feiner.

We sent it in electronically.

An appointment for the vaccine was made and a “CDMS Registration Ticket” was printed out to take with you to the vaccination site. You must turn in the Registration Ticket to receive your shot. The copy will have your name, time and date of when you are supposed to get your shot. You will also get a printout of the information you furnished on the registration form.

Obviously if you are given appointments as early as two weeks from now, has the vaccine. But, maybe not so obviously they may call you if they run out.

Good luck.

I must say I was surprised that Westmed one of the premier providers of health care throughout the county, as well as many others, was not on the list of vaccinating places. This surprised me because Westmed has records of their patients, can generate a medical history like that and organize appointments routinely. They know how to do that. Why wouldn’t you pick places like that instead of pharmacies with limited parking, limited staff.

A place where there is no parking is Westchester County Center- which as only paid commuter lots. In fact considering how limited parking is at the County Center and that it is paid parking, you have to plan your parking in advance. (Like where to park.)

Perhaps the parking lot at the County Center will waive fees. As the program revs up I would advise planning your parking. And another thing when vaccinating over 75s, if you have mobility issues or use a special vehicle, take that into consideration. There should be advisories out soon on where to park if you are partially disabled or walking challenged. A long walk to the vaccination alcove is not good for many over-75s.

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