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WPCNR NEWS TICKER. John Bailey’s WHITE PLAINS REPORT &COMMENTARY on WVOX RADIO 1460 this morning 7:50 AM every Tuesday on the Dennis Nardone Good Morning Westchester program on WVOX Westchester’s  Number One Rated Station. December 15, 2020:

White Plains revenues in sales taxes and user fees are down 21% in the first five months Common Council President Nadine Hunt-Robinson reported in last week’s meeting the first time in years the council has reported publicly of its financial position.

Councilwoman Hunt-Robinson remarked the city has put a hiring freeze in place not replacing employees who leave. She pointed out the city staged the holiday market last week to help local merchants. 

Mayor Tom Roach reported the council of mayors received word that the state should be getting a stimulus from Washington with distribution handled by the state based on population of the cities and towns.

The city now is crossing its fingers as the  November sales taxes report next week. They may have to look very early about how to cut  city expenses.

White Plains faces a $44 million sales tax handle if we equal the 7 months total November through June. In 2019-2020 the city got $50 million in sales taxes so the administration is going to have to take a harder look, if the November, December figures sharply decline.

I attended a zoom meeting of the Jacob Burns Film Center  Board of Directors last night. They are readying a series of virtual online movies for members of the theater. The theatre is ready with social distancing and reduced seating arrangements in place and complete new air filtration system to pump in fresh air.

The Theatre said they are ready to go but because of the state restrictions on theatres reopening based on each county infection rate of the coronavirus spread, the theatre cannot open.

Directors said that no theatre can open in the county unless the county has a 2% infection rate—which Westchester does not come close to.

 HERE are the latest covid stats: Westchester County through Sunday (with Monday cases reporting today at 3 PM),  has a 5.45% infection rate over the last 23 days to November 21 the county has had 12,962 persons test positive in 22 days  from November 21 through December 13 – that is an average 562 new infections a day.
Mayor of Mount Vernon on how her city has enforced social distancing, masking, restaurants, businesses covid protocols at the County Covid briefing (9:47)

Yesterday Mayor Patterson-Howard of Mount Vernon speaking in County Executive George Latimer’s covid briefing told how Mount Vernon has kept off the yellow zone designation by vigorous education and community outreach and enforcement of restaurant rules and business rules through enforcement and fines. Mount Vernon has the lowest infection rate of the major cities. You can see her talk on the White Plains Week Youtube site above. Perhaps it’s time the county adopted rigorous enforcement.

The White Plains Holiday Market on Waller Avenue with 48 heated roofed booths last week through the weekend was successful according to the merchants and local store owners in the booth. Those whom I spoke to said the first wet weekend was slow but crowds were encouraging during the cold weather last week. Saturday and Sunday crowds were out with 50 to 60 persons sifting through on the Saturday and over a 100 early afternoon Sunday when I attended.

Merchants told me they hoped the city will do the Holiday Fair again next year In my opinion the Farmers’ Market the city runs all summer should be moved to this location on Waller. It’s much easier to park on Waller with a garage and the Restaurant Row lot to park in. Think about it.

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