Analysis of the Texas Attorney General’s Challenging Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia Results Filed with the Supreme Court

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Stephen Rolandi analyzed the Presidential Election for WPCNR predicting a Joseph Biden victory. Here is Mr. Rolandi’s view of the results as of Thursday evening, which are solely his own opinion and do not reflect the views of his employers, Pace University and City University of New York.

WPCNR WHITE PLAINS LAW JOURNAL. News & Comment by Stephen Rolandi December 10, 2020:

I don’t believe this case will be successful.

I read much of the 200+ page legal motion/application that the Texas Attorney General filed with SCOTUS, challenging the states of PA., Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia. Since the time that the Texas AG filed his motion, 17 state AGs have joined in the motion as friends of the court, all from “red” states. PA./Michigan/Wisconsin/Georgia have until today to respond to the Texas Supreme Court challenge.

States may challenge other states & have their case heard directly by the Supreme Court. In such disputes, the states must have what is called “standing to sue,” that is they must show some direct impact or how they might be impacted.

For example, the Supreme Court heard a challenge some years back when NJ and NY both claimed the land under which the Statue of Liberty stands.

In the Texas application, many legal scholars don’t see how Texas is impacted by the election results in those 4 states. Texas’ argument is that those states did not follow their state election procedures – that is a matter of STATE law, not Federal. Also, Texas has made many claims that are not supported by facts or evidence.

The Trump campaign team has filed approximately 65 legal challenges to the election results in those 4 states & others; they have lost over 95% of them. Earlier this week, Justice Alito and a unanimous SCOTUS dismissed a challenge in a PA. case.

Trump would need 4 Supreme Court judges to agree to hear the Texas case, and I don’t see which 4 are wiling to do this, given how the courts — Federal & state — have turned down nearly every legal challenge so far.

Several prominent Republicans, including former U.S. Senator Lowell Weicker and former NJ Governor Christine Todd Whitman, and 15 other conservative Republicans have filed an amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) motion urging the US Supreme Court to reject the Texas application.

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