Guidelines on Outdoor Dining.

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WPCNR COUNTY CLARION-LEDGER from Ben Boykin, Chairman of the Board of Legislators. November 25, 2020:

As winter approaches, there have been questions on what actually qualifies as outdoor dining.  The Westchester County Department of Health has prepared the following to answer questions and clarify ambiguity:

As per the New York State

“outdoor space” is defined as an open-air space designated for the consumption of food and/or beverage, which may have a temporary or fixed cover (e.g. awning or roof) so long as such cover has at least two open sides for airflow.

Within such outdoor space, all tables with seats must be at least six feet from any other table, seat, patron, or pedestrian thoroughfare or corridor.

If the third and or fourth side of the tent or structure is closed it will be deemed as indoor space and all indoor regulations apply.

Additionally, individual style party tents, igloos and or any other small enclosures are prohibited at this time since they do not meet the ventilation/airflow, distancing, and sanitation guidelines to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

The Governor’s Office details all of the requirements for restaurants and food establishments HERE.Please forward this e-news to family and friends who may be interested in this information.

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