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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. From Bedford Town Supervisor Chris Burdick, Democratic Nominee for Assembly District 93 -WHITE PLAINS-HARRISON-BEDFORD:

6:30 PM 8-7-20 UpdateTropical Storm Isaias and Power Outages

Update on Restoration; Opening RoadsClosed Roads/Single Lane Roads Significantly reduced the number of blocked streets (meaning totally blocked) from 42 to 2: Holly Branch and Tarleton (both NYSEG service area).  
If your road is still closed please email

Con Edison Customers Without Power  Every day since power was knocked out, I have requested a crew to restore power to the 590 Con Edison customers in Bedford without power. I bring it up time and time again but to no avail.

I was told earlier this evening by a pleasant gentleman at the Con Edison “municipal desk” that he can’t “put in a general ticket” for the entire town for service restoration. It only can be done one address at a time. I don’t blame the fellow who answered the call, but I find this policy unfathomable and infuriating.  

So let’s see what we can do collectively. I am going to ask that collectively we inundate Con Edison with “tickets” to restore service.  This is done by reporting an outage – if you haven’t already done so.  

There are two ways to report the outage:Call 1-800-752-6633 or go online at
Please see if you can get a confirmation and e-mail it to Timothy Parker at  I can’t tell you whether this will work, but I think we need to give it a try. 
Thanks for your continued patience and understanding – we here at the Town are doing everything we can to get your service restored.
NYSEG is reporting on its outage list 2843 of 6685 customers without power, though we know there continue to be streets which were erroneously de-listed. At peak over 6200 were without power, and I do know that a good number of streets have been restored.   NYSEG estimates on power restorations

  • By 8:00 PM tonight 101
  • 9:00 PM tonight an additional 1062
  • By 10 PM an additional 46
  • By 11 PM an additional 5

Critical facilities (e.g., senior housing, police station, water filtration plant all has been or should be restored tonight). 
Con Edison is reporting 595 of 1053 customers without service. The estimated time of restoration keeps getting pushed into the future, so I’m no longer going to list it since it is so unreliable. Both utilities should have done far better. I find Con Edison’s response to the storm especially outrageous. 
Workplace, Internet and Charging Facilities   We have the courtroom open as a workplace, internet and charging facility. Additionally, wifi is accessible outside in the lobby. As noted previously, space is limited due to social distancing and you must wear a facemask or will be asked to leave. 

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