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WPCNR NEWS & COMMENT. By John F. Bailey. February 5, 2020:

Watch on the Potomac.

 Are there 6—10  brave men and women left to throw the bum out.

Washington, the nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

The Republican Senators leisurely having coffee out of silver pots before going to today’s Senate session, still have time.

Time for just six of them (to prevent Pencie from breaking the tie) to change their minds and vote to remove Little Adolf from office.

Oh, I know, they all said they would vote to acquit the President because he was acting in the public interest.

However, they are politicians.

They only said they would acquit him.

They have a public interest in lying.

They do it for their living.

There will be no SS men holding Lugers at their backs when they go into that chamber today, yet.

No trains waiting to take them to workcamps. No gas chambers waiting. Yet.

You are not the members of the first American Reichstag yet.

There is no pressure.

When the White Rat  calls the roll on Capitol Hill today, he calls for thee Republicans.

Now is the time for all good men and women  to save the country’s future.

Ask not what you can do for yourself, Republican Senators, ask what you have to do to save the country.

That is to change your mind and vote “Yes” to throw the bum out.

Your changing your mind to vote “YES” to remove the little king, is one chance in your lifetime to do something that will remembered and thanked for all time by the American people.

Do one thing for me. Each Republican before voting should visit the Lincoln Memorial and look up at the great man looking down on you. Then go vote.

Remember, a “NO” to acquit dooms democracy. It dooms justice for all in favor of justice for the white and rich and profane in power. That is what your “NO” vote means.

Or better yet, don’t show up.

It’s not unknown for you to duck tough decisions. Let the Democrats left to outvote the short-handed Republicans without a full compliment.

You could call in sick.

Make no mistake:

Once you vote “NO” not to remove him, the American Reichstag has voted the man who would be king, Chancellor Trump with unlimited power. The First American Reich will begin. Because he will not need any of you any more.

Then it is up to the American People to Watch the Potomac.

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