Meanwhile, in Scarsdale–taxes going up

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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. From Scarsdale Voters Choice Committee. February 1, 2020:

31 January  2020

Dear Scarsdale Friends and Neighbors,
After the surprise announcement from Scarsdale’s Mayor and Board that they were halting the Freightway timeline, we still have not received an answer as to why they met behind closed doors to make this decision.

We asked the Mayor and the Board  to explain how having a closed door meeting complies with the Open Meetings Law, but they have refused to answer.  We also do not know what the new timeline is or when the Board plans to implement a plan for Freightway with broad and diverse community input.

Two days ago, the Petition to Halt Freightway until Scarsdale residents’ questions are answered reached over 810 signatures. We thank Scarsdale residents and merchants who have signed the petition and who have been willing to give feedback as to why you are supporting it. Your participation in municipal matters is so important. Please forward the petition to your friends and neighbors. There is still time to sign it.
Both the Scarsdale School Board of Education and Village Board are in the throes of budget season and are asking for residents’ feedback. Both the school district and Village personnel are projecting tax increases. Details about both are on their websites. Please make sure you write the boards with your feedback.

Best regards,
Voters Choice Party

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