Pollination in White Plains Initiative Propagates at WP Council of Neighborhood Assocations Tuesday Night at 7:30 at Ed House. Neighborhoods Requested to Appoint representative to

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November Meeting:

How Pollinators and Native Plants Play a Role in White Plains

The November Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at
7:30 pm at the Education House, 5 Homeside Lane, White Plains, NY.

The meeting will be a discussion on pollinators and native plants, and how they play a role in White Plains.

The WPCNA has invited subject matter experts to speak about some of
the things that  have happened regarding pollinators/native plants in
White Plains since they were there earlier (the library plaza filled with
native plants that the  White Plains Beautification Foundation, Pollinators of White Plains, awarded the first “This property is   on the
pathway sign” in White Plains, for example,  and other properties that the The Pollinators of White Plains has become aware of with native
plant/pollinator gardens; inside the library a   display and many more

The Pollinators of White Plains will also touch a bit on invasives – why
they are unwelcome, identification and how to get rid of them; new
recommendations for getting the garden ready for winter.

The Pollinators of White Plains will be reaching out Tuesday to each
neighborhood, during the meeting, to appoint a representative to the
Pollinators of White Plains group so that they can be an ambassador

to their own neighborhoods. No knowledge required to start.

 The meeting will be a discussion for WPCNA delegates, residents and the public. We hope to facilitate a healthy dialog to better understand the
issues, opinions and ideas coming out of our neighborhoods. We all look forward to your input.

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