City Installs 9 More Red Light Cameras AT 7 New Intersections around Town

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New Red Light Camera installed Tuesday at intersection of Maple Avenue and South Bound Lexington Avenue. (See list of the new Red Light Camera installations below)

WPCNR TRAFFICA . From the Mayor’s Office. September 26, 2019:

Phase II of the City of White Plains Red Light Safety Camera program will launch on or about October 1st.

This final phase will include the installation of nine additional cameras at seven intersections, bringing the total number of intersections to 12, the amount authorized by New York State. 

Cameras will capture still images and video of red-light running violations. This is a public safety program, and the city’s goal is to deter red light runners and improper turns on red and prevent collisions resulting from these violations.

Traffic safety cameras will begin operating at the following locations starting on or about October 1st:

SB South Lexington Ave @ Maple Ave

EB Main St @ Bank St

WB Martine Ave @ Mamaroneck Ave

Traffic safety cameras will begin operating at these remaining locations later in the fall:

WB Hamilton Ave @ Cottage Pl

NB Mamaroneck Ave @ Ridgeway

NB Mamaroneck Ave @ Bryant Ave

NB North St @ Bryant Ave

SB Tarrytown Rd @ Central Ave

EB Westchester Ave @ South Kensico Ave

Cameras will operate 24-hours/day and capture images of every vehicle running a red light at the designated intersections. Warning signs alerting drivers to the intersection safety cameras have been installed. Violators will receive a Notice of Liability (NOL) in the mail, which includes instructions on how to access the still images and video of the violation.

The NOL carries a fine of $50.00 but does not result in any points being added to your license. The NOL is issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. This program is administered by Verra Mobility, with each violation reviewed and approved by the White Plains Department of Public Safety prior to being issued. 

Phase I of this program included the installation of traffic safety cameras at the following intersections (6 cameras at 5 intersections) in July of 2018:

SB Mamaroneck Ave @ Bryant Ave

EB Main St @ Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

NB Bank St @ Hamilton Ave

WB Hamilton Ave @ Bank St

WB Westchester Ave @ South Kensico Ave

SB North Broadway @ Hamilton Ave

In the program’s first year of operation (8/1/18 – 7/31/19), intersections with red light cameras saw a 15% reduction in injury crashes and a 26% reduction in angle, left turn opposing, and pedestrian crashes (combined). 

Those types of crashes are the types targeted by this program.  Total crashes were reduced by 18%. Recently released data analysis from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety showed that red light running is up nationwide.

In its report the AAA Foundation also cited the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), which “found that when properly implemented, red light cameras reduced the fatal red light running crash rate of large cities by 21% and the rate of all types of fatal crashes at signalized intersections by 14%.” For more information, click here.

The city received state authorization to establish a red light camera program in August 2015. The authorization was for a modest program with cameras permitted at “up to 12 intersections” in the city.

For comparison purposes, this amount of authorized intersections is on par with New Rochelle (authorized in 2014).

The Cities of Mt. Vernon and Albany have state authorization for cameras at up to 20 intersections. Yonkers is authorized to place cameras at up to 25 intersections. The City Rochester – at up to 50 locations, Nassau and Suffolk Counties – at up to 100 locations each, and New York City – at up to 150 locations.

Each of these red light camera programs is authorized for a 5 year period by the State Legislature, including the White Plains program, and must be renewed by the State Legislature. The city will continue to closely monitor program and accident data in order to determine

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