Light on the Windward School Move to Mamaroneck Avenue Site

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Site Plan for Windward School complex planned for 1275 Mamaroneck Avenue. WPCNR FILE PHOTO

WPCNR SOUTH END TIMES. Special to WPCNR From the Rosedale Residential Association. June 5, 2019:

On May 9, the Rosedale Residential Association Annual Meeting questioned a leader of the Windward School on their future site of the school on Mamaroneck Avenue. The Association published an e-mail communication to its members and WPCNR on that Q. & A. Session with Windward.

     Below are the answers to the questions asked of Mr. Rosenshine (Associate Head of Schools at Windward School) at the May 8th, 2019 Annual Meeting. 

  1. What plans does Windward have for the 7 Collyer Place property?

There are no immediate plans, but we expect eventually to sell it.

  1. What plans does Windward have for the 5 Windward Avenue property?

The School’s plans for the 5 Windward Avenue property are the same plans that were approved by WP Common Council – complete infrastructure as required.

  1. What are Windward’s plans regarding the upcoming expiration of the approved plans for the West Street property?

Our plans are, if necessary, to apply for an extension.

  1. What exactly are Windward’s plans for the tree line between the new WLS campus and the homes on Collier Place?  I.e., Will there be sufficient blockage to ensure that their homes remain protected/shielded from sightlines to our property?

The tree line will be maintained and additional trees will be planted.

  1. Are we certain that we will have access to whatever gas, electric, oil we will need to power the building at full use?

Yes, we have had consultants evaluate these issues.

  1. What exactly will be the height of the gym, and will it be the same height or higher than the current roof of the main building?

The height of the gym will be 28 feet and below the height of the existing mechanical equipment which is currently on the roof.

  1. What are the plans for the traffic patterns on Mamaroneck Avenue—both going into and out of the campus as well as any residual traffic impact that might be realized either north or south on Mamaroneck Avenue?  People were concerned about cars being forced to make a right out of campus and then making u-turns up by the Rosedale Avenue intersection in order to go south on Mamaroneck Avenue.  They were also concerned about the build-up of traffic southbound on Mamaroneck Avenue as cars will cross traffic to make a left onto campus.  I pointed out to them the lane for cars making left turns onto the property.

Our traffic consultants have worked with the city’s traffic department.  During arrival and dismissal times, there will be right turns only (no left turns allowed) when leaving the campus.  Our traffic consultants have also put forward proposals for managing potential traffic impacts on Mamaroneck Avenue, including a possible northbound cueing line and u-turn at the Rosedale Avenue light for cars to redirect south on Mamaroneck Avenue.

  1. Has there been any study done about the volume of traffic that is going to be drawn to the school on a regular basis? 

Yes, our traffic consultants have completed a study of the traffic impacts of the proposed campus, and we have submitted the study to the City of White Plains.

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