Feiner: Con Ed Explains Why Gas Line Repairs Required in Greenburgh

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WPCNR THE FEINER REPORT. From Town of Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner. November 2, 2018:

Have you noticed that there are lots of roads in Greenburgh and the villages within Greenburgh that have steel plates on roads roads–covering up gas pipes they are working on? Have you seen Con Ed trucks digging up the roads and addressing their underground gas infrastructure?  Con Ed spent $8 million enhancing the gas infrastructure in Greenburgh this year and they will spend millions more next year– in Greenburgh and around the county.

There is a motto – “no pain, no gain”. Although the Con Ed gas infrastructure work is necessary, residents who live near the locations where the gas work has been taking place are inconvenienced. The roads are a mess during construction, it takes many weeks before the work is completed and the roads repaved.

At the last Town Board meeting – representatives of Con Ed summarized the work they are doing around town and answered questions. The link to the meeting is below:


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