White Plains Schools Open with Debut of Electric, Air-Conditioned School Buses. Mayor and Superintendent of Schools Welcome Students aboard

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Mayor Tom Roach and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Ricca teamed up to welcome new Ridgeway School Students aboard one of 5 all-electric, air-conditioned school buses. Perhaps no better decision will ever be made than to add electric air-conditioned school buses to the White Plains Bus Company fleet this year. Watch as one of the new buses with the Mayor and Superintendent aboard  pulls in to Ridgeway School on this exclusive WPCNR video here:



Dr. Ricca, back to camera in front of Church Street School this morning with Mayor Roach welcoming second student to ride the new electric bus to Ridgeway School. She was very impressed with the  just-right air-conditioning, and the cost, $400,000, which she asked about The first student  (Luis) to ride the bus can be seen in this video…click here:


All along the bus route, parents seeing kids off to school at each stop were delighted at the bus and the two “First Leaders” of White Plains. See a typical sequence by accessing this WPCNR video here:



When the bus arrived at Ridgeway School the Mayor and Superintendent of Schools welcomed the children streaming in droves into the school, shaking hands in an atmosphere of hopeful parents, poised, excited children and a feeling pride. Watch the action,  on this WPCNR video here:



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