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The following statement is attributable to Héctor Figueroa, President of 32BJ SEIU, one of the largest unions representing immigrant workers in the country.
“After thousands of immigrant children have been detained and traumatized without their parents in “tender age” facilities across our country, the president’s executive order formalizes this horrific treatment of children into law and sentences them into chains.
Moving them from kennels to jails, with their parents, is not a real solution to this problem. Children belong in communities, not in chains. This is cruel policy is not a solution to our immigration crisis.

“From TPS holders, to DACA recipients, to asylum seekers at the boarder we have watched the Department of Homeland Security and ICE follow this administration’s directives and routinely tear families apart, at the boarders and in communities across our country.

As the administration continues its attacks on immigrants families in our country and Congress moves to vote on wildly harmful immigration bills tomorrow, the voting public remains in consensus: Families belong together.

“As a union representing thousands of immigrants at work, we will continue to advocate for the wellbeing and unification of all families.

This is what is best for for our communities, our economy and for our country as a whole. We look forward to standing up for true American values as we continue to demand that Congress works towards fixing our broken immigration system.”

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