FASNY Proposed Campus Studies of Perpetual Flooding at Ridgeway Property Did Not Consider Historically Recurring “Phantom Pond” Effect

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Dear John:

They (French American School of New York) did a month of study initially at the Westchester Hills drain, that side of Ridgeway across from the tennis courts.
They also dug holes and placed posts to get a water table study.
BUT the Westchester Hills side was only for one month and no heavy water events and the water table analysis did not last long either – no full 12 month studies and NONE from a heavy event of more than 2″ (I have never seen any such studies of a 2″ event or greater in a 12/24 hour time period (on the property).
Their building in the “sponge” (Ed. Note: area flooded on Ridgeway fairway Monday, see photo below) will displace the waters laterally¬†– Hotel (Drive) is downslope from the property.
They have plans for “catch basins” – the pond already is a catch basin.
This whole project is absurd. Let them sell for 3/4 acre houses – we’ll get a tax base.
Dan Seidel

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