Coyote Attack Reported at Muscoot Farm, Katonah. Not known if related to Hastings Attacks

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WPCNR HEALTH ALERT. From the Westchester County Health Department. March 1, 2018 6 PM: 

Farm staff at Muscoot Farm, Katonah, went to do morning farm chores today and noticed a sheep laying in the field and two others limping.  There was no sighting of a coyote, but the farm staff believe the attack was caused by one.

The attack on the sheep appears to have occurred in the early morning hours before farm staff had arrived. The veterinarian was called to take care of the two injured sheep.  The deceased sheep was buried in the pet cemetery on farm property.

The two who were hurt were moved into the barn to wait for the veterinarian to come.  The remainder of the sheep were moved inside the barn.

Following the veterinarian visit, the injured sheep were tended to with a follow up visit scheduled for later this week.


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